Committee Directory


Committees form the basis of LP Pennsylvania’s day-to-day business activity. Below, we maintain a short, non-exhaustive list of our most stable committees with contact details and reference links if available.


Standing Committees

Name Scope and Purpose
Elections Committee Candidate Recruitment, Campaign Support, Election Documentation, and Campaign Filings Assistance
Finance Committee Accounting, Reports & Filings, Budgeting, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Finance Oversight
Governance Committee Policy Manuals, Platform/Statement of Principles/Bylaws, and Compliance
Information & Technology Committee Technical Support, IT Infrastructure, and CRM Management |
Membership Committee Member Recruitment, Affiliate Support; Fundraising, Annual Convention, Events, and Youth Outreach
Public Policy Committee Legislative Action, Legal Action, Advocacy Campaigns, Issue Coalition, Political Messaging, Activism, and Demonstrations
Public Relations Committee Media Relations, Social Media, Newsletter, and Marketing


Working Committees

Name Scope and Purpose
Bylaws Analysis Committee Analysis of 2023 Bylaws revision


Judicial Committee

Name Page
Judicial Committee


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