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Seated Judicial Committee- Elected by Convention March 6, 2022

Johannes Ernharth Chair Brandon Bentrim Alison Graham Ken Krawchuk Preston Smith

Current Schedule:


The Judicial Committee operates under the following authority:


ARTICLE IV. ORGANIZATION: Section 4 – Judicial Committee:

“…The Judicial Committee shall be the final body of appeal in all matters regarding interpretations of the Constitution, Bylaws, and Rules or Resolutions of the Party.”


“The Judicial Committee shall elect a chair who shall receive all appeals and petitions and schedule hearings so as to obtain a quorum of the Judicial Committee…”

Recent Prior Rulings

Date Subject Ruling
March 5, 2022 – Present Judicial Committee Session
CANCELLED Reagan Petition: re BOD disciplinary actions BOD rescinded disciplinary action. Mr. Reagan determined Petition Moot.
CANCELLED Moulton Appeal: re BOD disciplinary actions BOD rescinded disciplinary action. Dr. Moulton determined Petition Moot.
2022-04-01 3/31/22-Reinsmith Appeal of BOD Actions Re: Candidate Appointments following 2022 convention. REINSMITH – Final Ruling – 2022.04.01
Judicial Committee Session May 2021-March 5, 2022
2022-03-03 2/2/2022-Combs Petition – Questions on Memberships (gifted, etc.), procedures, petitions, authorities, etc. COMBS- Final Ruling – 2022-03-03
2022-03-04 2/10/2022 -Reinhardt Petition on County Affiliate recognition, signatures, verification, etc. REINHARDT- Final Ruling – 2022-03-04
2022-03-03 2/2/2022 – Scheetz Petition on authorities of the LPPA Judicial Committee, the LPPA BOD, policy enforcement, Gov Doc interpretations, etc. SCHEETZ – Final Ruling – 2022.03.03
2022-02-26 2/5/2022 – Cohen Petition on superior authority between LPPA BOD and JC CHOEN – Final Ruling – 2022-02-26
2022-02-16 1/31/2022 -Waldenberger Appeal of BOD discipline and Petition re Committe authorities, BOD Meeting recording, communication policies, etc. WALDENBERGER – Final Ruling – 2022-02-16
2022-01 1/26/2022 – Van Wager Petition (2) on authority of BOD/ExCom members, specifically, LPPA Chair act in defiance of JC Rulings, etc. VAN WAGER 2 – Final Ruling 2022-02-16
2022-02-12 1/24/2022 – Van Wager Petition (1) on Committee authorities, appointments, convention credentialing, etc. VAN WAGER 1 – Final Ruling 2022-02-12
2021-12-22 11/20/2021 -Heise Petition on clarifying proper convention credentialing protocol, correct registrations, etc. HEISE- Final Ruling – 2021-12-22
2021-10-04 9/15/2021 -Bozzacco Petition on authorized authorities of the Executive Director and relevant LPPA jurisdiction (Officer/Ex Comm / BOD) to offer / extend such authority AND County Affiliate petition requirements. BOZZACCO – Final Ruling – 2021-10-04
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