Recruiting Candidates for Local Offices in 2023

The Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania (LPPA) is seeking registered Libertarians to file for local offices throughout Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania has lots of local offices in small districts. Often, nobody files for them at all. If a Libertarian files for an unopposed office, the Libertarian is almost certain to win.

Like most states, Pennsylvania is divided into counties, but additionally, all Pennsylvanians are also part of a municipality (city, borough, or township). Many of the municipalities have very small populations.

Read more about Pennsylvania municipalities.
View a list of elected Libertarians statewide.

Of the over 300 nationwide elected Libertarians, 153 of them (50 percent) are from Pennsylvania, the most for any state. All publicly elected offices in Pennsylvania are partisan, so voters are actually choosing a candidate with a Libertarian label. Many other states have nonpartisan local elections.
Offices up for election in Pennsylvania include positions like auditor, borough council, mayor, supervisor, commissioner, school board, constable, inspector of elections, and more. Many Libertarians are serving in these offices. Here are some descriptions:

Auditor. An article in The Sentinel explains more about the township auditor position. Seventy Libertarians serve as auditors in Pennsylvania, including LPPA State Executive Vice Chair Greg Deal.

Councilor/Twp Supervisor. The job of borough councilor member or Township Supervisor is a very important legislative role. The council/supervisors may meet monthly, and pass ordinances, rules, and regulations that affect residents in many important ways, including impacting tax rates. The qualifications are minimal. No degrees or work experience are required. Training is provided. Seventeen Libertarians serve as elected councilors or Twp Supervisors in Pennsylvania.

Constable. A constable is an elected law enforcement officer, and the job may involve as little as keeping the peace on election day. Sometimes constables work for the courts serving summons. In some cases, constables perform low-level law enforcement activities typically associated with police or sheriff’s departments. The qualifications are minimal and are based on where you live. No degrees or work experience is required. Ordinary people really can do this job. Constables do not have to have a law enforcement background. Training is provided. Pay varies based on the situation. In some cases, it’s a full-time job. In others, they do almost nothing. Fifty-Two Libertarians serve as constables in Pennsylvania.

We have an experienced team recruiting candidates and guiding them through the process of filing paperwork and getting elected.
A team of state and local Libertarian Party leaders are mailing letters, emailing, and phoning registered Libertarians directly to encourage them to file for what are most likely to be unopposed races.

To get involved, contact the team through email or phone:
Phone: (717) 255-0470

Find your county elections office:
Statement Of Financial Interests:
2023 Nomination Paper Form:
2023 Candidate Affidavit:
Blank Form: Waiver of Expense some counties

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