Success in Lancaster, More Parades Coming!

The Lancaster County LP is having a fun time participating in parades and letting people know that Libertarians are active in PA. “We have completed two highly successful parades of the five we have entered.” said Roy Minet, former LPPA Senate candidate. “The parade last night in Ephrata was awesome. It is the longest, and thousands of people lined both sides of the entire route. Some cheered us and some gave us a “thumbs up,” shouted encouragement or hollered, “I voted for Gary Johnson!” We distributed a ton of outreach literature. It’s hard to imagine a more productive or enjoyable couple of hours!”

Visibility for libertarians is very important. Every time people see you active in your community, you get a chance to get them to listen to our ideas. Lancaster County is leading the way in promoting the LPPA, and they are asking for more people to join them to make a better impression. “More people have a greater impact, so PLEASE join us.” said Roy. “You certainly don’t even have to be from Lancaster County.” On top of the impact, it’s just plain fun to be in a parade!

The next parade is in New Holland, PA, and steps off at 7:00pm on Wednesday, October 2. Parade vehicles should arrive by 6:00pm and participants should be in their assigned line-up positions ready to go by 6:30pm. Lancaster County LP is in Division 4, Parade Number 25, which will be in the New Holland Concrete Company parking lot. Only vehicles with a vehicle pass will be allowed into the form-up areas, so others will need to park nearby and walk to the position. Parade staff wearing orange vests can direct you to the correct spot. Traffic is always a mess and parade route roads will be closed (usually about an hour ahead of step off time), so allow plenty of time. To avoid most of the mess, enter New Holland from the east end which is also closest to the line-up position for the LP float. Contact Roy Minet, 717-928-6188 or to get more information.

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