Chair’s August 2019 Update

To my fellow Pennsylvania Libertarians:

August has served to mark a number of milestones!

The first, and this is in no particular order, because everything that has been going on has been truly awesome, and the efforts of everyone involved has been nothing less than top notch. I am excited to formally announce that our new website is up and running, and this is thanks to several individuals who have been working tirelessly on the project since the LPPA Board voted unanimously to migrate to the National Libertarian CiviCRM Project. Andy Burns, who has been working on this project from National, Greg R. Perry and David Jahn, who have both taken on the job of making this the best it can be from the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania’s side. Today, August 28, 2019, the new page is up and running, and while this is awesome, there was so much that went into the project, like database management, E-mail, reaching out to members, enabling our members to reach out to county contacts, committee contacts, etc.

The Second thing I want to discuss has to do with the work our Elections Committee has been doing! Dr. Charles Moulton, who came up with what I have dubbed “The Moulton Maneuver” went to work searching many counties looking for, and finding offices where no person was on the ballot. Once that portion was completed, Wes Benedict came on board to help find Libertarians in those districts. Along with this, Jennifer Moore started working to reach out to Libertarians in an effort to recruit candidates, Wes Benedict helped organize letters to be mailed, Jennifer Moore spent a great deal of her own money, and personally sealed /mailed 2300 letters to prospective candidates!

When I need to do something that requires money, I can’t stop and wait for the board to approve funding! – Jennifer Moore

Reaching out to Libertarians is difficult, because most of us look at these letters and think: “SCAM!” However, in addition to the candidates running for office, we have added another 25 to the ballot, and these 25 are running uncontested!

The Third thing I would like to discuss has to do with the membership drive promoted by Executive Director Kevin Gaughen. Having donated close to $3000 to the party since April, having worked for weeks sorting out a mailing list so that his membership mailing would be the most effective, He managed to increase LPPA membership by over 40% to include close to 10 new Lifetime Members!

Please bear in mind, that when the candidate recruitment drive was going on, and while the membership drive has been going on, the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania did not have much to offer overtly. The third largest political party in Pennsylvania, and a number of elected Libertarians that was somewhat unclear. However, I am very proud to announce that the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania has the largest number of elected Libertarians of any state affiliate in the nation, and come this November, we may triple that number!

Looking toward 2020, our Finance Committee will be working hard to bring in money for activities such as ballot access, and when we tell people that their money is going to help the cause, we will have the beginning of a large body of work / results to show what we will be doing with their money!

Ladies and Gentlemen, when any of you go to and click the donate button, Consider making a recurring donation. It does not need to be a great deal, because everything helps! If you see a project that you feel needs to be funded, write out what that project is in the note section. Regardless, I am thrilled to see how much has been done over this past summer, and we are just warming up!

Thank You for Your Support!


Steve Scheetz

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