Why does Mailman show errors about an “implicit destination”?

Sometimes, messages sent to a Mailman list may be held until the moderator approves them, with the reason being that the “Message has implicit destination”.

This means that the message was forwarded or BCC:ed to the list’s address, instead of being sent directly to the list in the “To:” or “CC:”.

It’s generally considered dangerous to accept these kinds of messages; it sometimes leads to mistakes, and confuses filtering systems some people use that look for the list address in the message headers. Because of that, the Mailman default is to require that the original sender make their intention “explicit” by including the list’s real address in the “To:” or “CC:” address of a mail program.

Why does it say I’m being Moderated?

That’s just Mailman’s way of telling you that you’ve triggered the spam-specific posting filter. Most likely you’ve either sent using the wrong email address or you didn’t address the list explicitly.

Should I ask to get my message approved?

No. In general, it’s almost always bad practice for us to manually approve messages. Please try sending your message again in a different way. If that doesn’t work, feel free to contact us to either edit the subscriber list or schedule additional user training.

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