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[Local Municipal Office]

Phone Call Script

Hey there, I’m ______ from the Libertarian Party. Am I speaking with ____?

– If yes: Great! Glad I got a hold of you.

– If no: is ____ available/Can you let them know I called?

The reason I am calling is because the local ___ position in ___(Municipality) is open with no candidates running for this position. Our records indicate that you are registered Libertarian. Would you consider putting your name in for this uncontested race?

If NOT interested:

– If no: okay, do you know anyone else who might be interested in doing this?

– If Maybe: That’s perfectly understandable. Take your time and think about it, and get back to me with your answer.

If Interested:

If interested: Great! The next step is to get approval from the local party committee, which we can do over a video call. What days and times are you available?

Voice-Mail Script

Hi, [NAME], it’s __ from the Libertarian Party. I’m calling because there will be an open position in ___ (Municipality). This is a great opportunity for registered Libertarians such as yourself to put your name in and give a voice to Liberty. Please let me know if you are interested, you can call back at this number or dial 1-800 R-Rights. Thanks a lot, have a nice day.

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