Affiliate Contribution Page

LPPA Affiliate guide on how to generate new a Contribution Page

Information & Technology Committee can help you create a new donation page for your county or regional affiliate.

General Outline:

  1. Affiliate sets up stripe account.
  2. Affiliate adds as developer role to stripe.
  3. LP National gets stripe login info from email.
  4. LP National goes on stripe and builds payment processor for Affiliate on state website. National uses access to local/state stripe account to set up payment processor with live and/or test keys.
  5. Affiliate sends ticket to with the following information. Example Request form.

Example Thank you Message


THANK YOU for your donation and generous support of the Libertarian Party of …. The support of many thousands of folks such as you is critical to building a winning team and championing liberty every day. What can you do next? Spread the word with others. Thanks again!


Pro Tip: Refer a Friend

At the bottom of each message you can ask the contributor to refer a friend. See Referral Program.

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