Libertarian Party Candidate Speaks Out on Voting Day Traffic SNAFU


Strinestown, PA – Some Conewago Township voters received an unpleasant surprise when they discovered access to their polling location at Conewago Elementary School, 780 Copenhaffer Road, restricted as they attempted to cast their votes in the local Primary Election.

This artery had already been narrowed to a single lane due to a repaving project, but voters found the road entirely closed on Election Day. The reason given by the Township was “an emergency gas line closure.”

“This casts our township in a negative light,” said Timothy McMaster, the Libertarian candidate for Township Supervisor. Collecting signatures for November ballot access, Tim noted, “the Township had already scheduled the roadwork for this week, although they should have moved the work until after the election.” Tim noted that the situation became suddenly worse for voters: “the Township hadn’t done a good job of communicating the construction, then a described emergency by the gas company compounded an already avoidable traffic problem.”

Tim noted that a voter he spoke to was furious that the Township office was closed and not answering phone calls when she called to complain. “The voter told me that she had left multiple voice messages for the Township, as well as knocked on their door looking for some information,” said McMaster, “but she got no response.”

“To my mind, this is yet another display that the current Board is uninterested in transparency and communication with the residents of our township,” said McMaster. “Simply having someone on hand to answer the phone or update the LED board out front could have saved a lot of voter headaches and frustration, but there isn’t a great deal of transparency and accountability in that board. I plan to change that come November.”

Besides serving as Township Auditor, Tim runs his local farm with his wife and two sons. Learn more about Tim McMaster and his plans for Conewago Township at


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