Libertarians Enter Special Elections For 108th & 163rd

2023 Special Elections 108 & 163


HARRISBURG, PA – Libertarians Elijah Scretching and Alfe Goodwin have entered the race in the special elections for the 108th and 163rd Legislative Districts (respectively).

A native of Pennsylvania, Scretching went through the foster system to graduate high school and become a Marine Corps veteran.

“I spent my entire childhood in foster care, joined the United States Marine Corps when I turned 18, and spent most of my military time overseas.” Scretching said. “I love my family, my state, and my country, and I’m ready to continue serving.”

Scretching returned home at the height of the pandemic but found hope in community.

“I believe anything in this world is possible with faith, hard work, and dedication,” said Scretching. “Have faith in yourself and have faith in the people around you. Go forward and keep striving to be better.”

Goodwin is a retired Philadelphia police officer, Army veteran, and a Brigade Command Chaplain.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for voters to take a second look and re-consider not only who we vote for but why we vote in the first place,” Goodwin said.

Both special elections will be held along with municipal primaries on May 16th.


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