Libertarian Joe Adams Named Council President

Penndel Borough Building

Councilman Joe Adams, who joined the Libertarian Party last year, has been named Penndel Borough Council President. Mr. Adams was named Council President earlier in the year and reaffirmed this week as he was able to bring all sides together for consensus.

“Instead of voting me out,” Mr. Adams said, “Democrats and Republicans put their party aside and embraced an open, transparent, and civil local government. I am still our Council President, I’m proud of Penndel, and I’m truly humbled.”

Mr. Adams believes in making government smaller and allowing people to make decisions for themselves. He hopes that his decision to become a Libertarian and work toward transparency will open more people’s eyes to the fact that there are better options in their quest for freedom and worthy representation.

“I have the pleasure of serving as the President of Council in Penndel Borough. I lead a coalition of all three parties to improve our Borough by promoting liberty and personal sovereignty. Our goal is to keep the government running without running over the individual.”

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