Who will be left to serve Pennsylvania diners in 2021?

Chester County was lucky to have some of the best restaurants in Pennsylvania. In fact, a local eatery was named Best Restaurant in Pennsylvania by a prestigious food magazine. Unfortunately, this wealth of dining options will be severely curtailed next year. Worse yet will be the many jobs permanently lost by servers, chefs and bartenders. Entire life savings will be destroyed by a governor and supporters who choose authority over science.


Chester County has several restaurants brave enough to defy the unconstitutional actions of Governor Wolf and his cronies. These establishments universally practice safe operation with cleanliness, masks, and expensive equipment to comply with the ever-changing mandates. The owners are willing to make these investments and curtail their capacity to serve groups in order to break even and keep their operations limping along.


What these establishments are not willing to do is to lie down and die, the way thousands of restaurants have already done. Recently CNN reported that over 110,000 restaurants have closed permanently in this country. In fact, 37% of all operating restaurants predicted that they would close within 6 months unless the situation changes.


Defiant restaurant owners have pointed out that no scientific study has traced virus surges in the US to eateries or gyms. The diners they serve practice recommended social distancing and precautions. The customers are there voluntarily, with no impact on others in the community. They want a semblance of normality in their lives and want to support small business owners so Chester County will still have them around next year.


Interviewed in the Daily Local News, one restaurant manager pointed out that this is their most profitable dining season, which is essential for remaining in business. He also pointed out that the malls and shops were crowded with customers, while his business is catering to only a handful of clients.


Like so many other unspeakable times in history, local restaurants have been victimized by neighbors who complained to authorities, although the only people being victimized are the restaurant owners and their staff.


Now, in a page straight out of Kafka, the politicized Pennsylvania courts have decided that instead of requiring the state to cite scientific reasons for closing restaurants, these small businesses are ordered to prove that being in business is safe. This is an impossible task, designed to impose authority and effectively end opposition and help close many of these small businesses permanently.


Members of the Libertarian Party of Chester County have been visiting and supporting these restaurants, and we urge all Chester County residents to do the same. If a restaurant lock down occurs again, Contact us at info@lpchesco.com and we will let you know which places remain open for business, despite the immoral actions of an authoritarian governor and his minions.

This blog was adapted from the original post by The Chester County Libertarian Party.

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