Signature Sheet Printing

Are you a registered voter in Pennsylvania? Can you help us with Ballot Access? We need you to download this sheet and fill it out!

Download the PDF, print it double sided,  head-to-head, ON LEGAL PAPER  8.5 x 14.  It has to be on legal paper.

Sign and put in your address on page 1. If you have other people in your neighborhood who will sign, please get their signatures too on page 1.  Fill out page 2 (You are the circulator) and put it in the mail and send it to

PA Ballot Access
220 Beech Ave
Langhorne PA 19047-5002

PLEASE help us.  Time is very short and we need signatures immediately. If you can print this out and get it in the mail tomorrow that makes a huge difference.

*Update: last minute deadline for hand deliveries is 8 p.m. Sunday, August 2nd.

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