The LPPA Welcomes New Executive Director, Kevin Gaughen!

A great deal of work was done at the latest board meeting in Shippensburg on April 27, 2019. Among the actions taken was the hiring of Kevin Gaughen as Executive Director!   Once he was appointed by the board, he laid out a plan to increase membership by re-invigorating those people who have left the party over the years, as well as promoting new membership with his latest drive.

Kevin says: “I want to see established affiliates in all 67 counties as well as Libertarians on the ballot in all 67 counties!”

He has taken the lessons learned during the 2018 petition drives, and while most of us who were working on those drives are still promoting and pushing, it is an awesome feeling to know that we have an executive director working on these projects with us, and helping to make them all successful! 2019 will demonstrate a large number of Libertarians on the ballot across the state, and together we stand to make history with the largest number of elected Libertarians in the nation! Come out and see what we are all doing! Find that county close to you, reach out, come to a meeting, meet our leaders, and together, let’s work to make our home the best it can possibly be!


Steve Scheetz

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