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March 21, 2016

Libertarians Elect New Leadership, Host Presidential Candidates Debate

Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania (LPPA) focuses on smaller government, lower taxes, more freedom

Members of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania elected new leadership this past weekend at their 2016 convention in Philadelphia. The new team will continue to advance the LPPA’s mission of smaller government and lower taxes as the Commonwealth, and the nation, look to the November presidential election.

1531551 10206378058030280 6274986723738460029 nShawn Patrick House (Lancaster County) will serve as chair of the LPPA. Daniel Richardson (Northampton County) will serve as the party’s eastern vice chair.  Bill Sloan (Cumberland County), Karla Felty (Schuylkill County), and Richard Schwarz (Philadelphia County) were re-elected as western vice chair, secretary, and treasurer, respectively.

The elections came during an exciting convention weekend, the highlight of which was a debate among multiple candidates vying for the nomination of the national Libertarian Party for president. Candidates at the debate included former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson (the Libertarian Party’s 2012 nominee for president), Marc A. Feldman, Darryl W. Perry, and Derrick M. Reid. In a first for the LPPA, the event was broadcast live over the internet.

Additional attendees included Carla Howell, political director for the national Libertarian Party, and other Libertarians from across the country. Many attendees, particularly first-time attendees, were enthusiastic about the opportunity to have one-on-one access to presidential candidates and party leadership during the convention weekend.

Newly elected chair Shawn Patrick House, a candidate for office in the 16th Congressional District of Pennsylvania, issued the following statement after the conclusion of the convention:

“What an exceptional weekend for liberty in the city where our nation was born! We have come to a crossroads in America and in the Commonwealth. It is clear that the old parties offer only the illusion of choice and now, more than ever, people are realizing that what they truly want is a government that will allow them to live their lives in whatever peaceful manner that they wish.

“This is particularly obvious here in Pennsylvania, where our state government is more dysfunctional than ever: an ongoing budget stalemate, proposals to grow the size and scope of government through ever-expanding taxation, and ballot access requirements that, despite having been ruled unconstitutional by a federal court, continue to limit voter choice.

“I’m pleased and proud to be assuming leadership of this great party at such a pivotal moment, and I thank Shawn Felty for his service over the past year. But we’re just getting started.

“The time for change is now. The time for smaller government, lower taxes, and a return to individual liberty is now. Libertarian candidates, such as those who will be running for office across Pennsylvania this fall, aren’t just another choice, they are THE choice.”

Outgoing chair Shawn Felty remarked, “Pennsylvania will matter on the national stage, perhaps more than ever, in the 2016 election. I’m excited to see how Shawn’s energy and enthusiasm will help take the LPPA to the next level as he continues our mission to shrink government and respect everyone’s freedoms, all of the time. I'm also particularly pleased to welcome Dan Richardson to the party’s leadership team. He may be relatively new to the LPPA, but his energy and enthusiasm have convinced us that he is right for this role and I look forward to seeing him work with Libertarians across the eastern half of the state over the next year.”

The Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania is the state affiliate of the third largest political party in the United States and advocates a return to a limited government that respects the rights of all individuals, all of the time.


Shawn Patrick House, LPPA Chair                        Vacant Media Relations Chair

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Trent Somes

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November 16, 2015

Teen Libertarian Starts New Political Organization
Westmoreland County Libertarians will advance ideas of smaller government, lower taxes

Trent  Somes,  III,  may  not  be  old  enough  to  vote but  that  didn’t  stop  him  from  creating  a  new  political organization dedicated to ensuring that the residents of one western Pennsylvania county can enjoy all of their  freedoms,  all  of  the  time.  The  17 – year - old  junior  at  Penn - Trafford  High  School  founded  the Westmoreland  County  Libertarians  (WCL)  after  learning  about  libertarian  ideals  and  realizing  that  they represent the best hope for securing our country’s future.

The  WCL  held  its  inaugural  meeting  yesterday afternoon on  the  steps  of  the  historic Westmoreland County  Courthouse  in  Greensburg,  PA.  Following  opening  remarks  by  Libertarian  Party  of  Pennsylvania (LPPA)  media  relations  chair  Nick  Frollini,  the  WCL  adopted  its  organizational  documents,  elected  its initial officers, and formally approved a petition to the LPPA for recognition as the official Westmoreland Country affiliate of the Pennsylvania branch of the third largest political party in the country.

In  addition  to  Trent,  who  was  named  chair  of  the WCL,  elected  were:  Nick  Testa,  vice  chair;  Alexander Davis, finance chair; Evan Buchanan, treasurer; and Thomas Strang, secretary. While the other members of the board are old enough to vote, the

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Schuylkill County- News Release

April 10, 2015

The Libertarian Party of Schuylkill County (LPSC) has officially announced their
candidates for 2015. Party members recently voted to endorse the following candidates:

Nelson Reppert County Commissioner & Cressona Borough Council
Sandra Walters North Manheim Township Supervisor
James Foose North Manheim Township Constable
Daniel Noll Tremont Borough Council
Christopher Bagenstose Shenandoah Borough Council
Amysue Shappell East Norwegian Township Auditor
Michael Kelley Wayne Township Auditor
Charles Lescoe Cressona Constable
Andrew Raibeck Schuylkill Haven Constable
David Sheriff Pottsville Constable
Robert Kobige Minersville Constable

"We are excited to endorse such a great slate of candidates this year," LPSC
Chairman Shawn Felty commented. "We believe they will embody the principles of
limited, constitutional government while defending personal liberty."

Pennsylvania Libertarians Elect New Leadership

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June 8, 2015

Pennsylvania Libertarians Elect New Leadership

New team will take the party into the 2016 presidential election cycle; calls for ballot access reform

Members of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania (LPPA) elected new leadership at their 2015 Annual Convention in Bridgeport, PA, on Saturday. The new team will continue to advance the LPPA’s mission of smaller government and lower taxes as the Commonwealth, and the nation, prepare for the 2016 election cycle.

Shawn Felty (Schuylkill County) will serve as Chair of the LPPA. Bill Sloane (Cumberland County) will serve as the Western Vice Chair. Ed Reagan (Northampton County) will serve as the Eastern Vice Chair. Karla Felty (Schuylkill County) will serve as Secretary. Richard Schwarz (Philadelphia County) will serve as Treasurer.

New LPPA Chair Shawn Felty issued the following statement:

“It’s a great time for liberty in the Commonwealth. We hear it every time we talk to our fellow citizens. Pennsylvanians are tired of a bloated state government that talks not about how to reduce its size and scope but, rather, how much to increase our taxes. Pennsylvanians are tired of bloated local governments that ignore the will of the voters and squander our resources.

All citizens of the Commonwealth deserve an efficient, effective, and streamlined government. Only Libertarian candidates will deliver on that promise. The old parties will deliver only a continuous increase in the size, scope, and cost of government.

We call upon the state legislature to immediately pass the Voters’ Choice Act, which will reduce the outrageous ballot access requirements that make it difficult for third party candidates to appear on the state-wide ballot each Election Day.  Pennsylvanians deserve

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PA Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Libertarians and Common Sense

For Immediate Release
October 12, 2012
Harrisburg, PA

PA Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Libertarians and Common Sense

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has ruled that each nominating petition signature line does not have to include the year as part of the date in order to be considered valid when “Revised January, 2012” is printed at the bottom of each form. An August Commonwealth Court ruling sided with Republicans, disqualifying 1,459 signatures on Libertarian petitions where the year was missing. By reversing the lower court, the Supreme Court struck a blow for common sense and increased the safety margin by which Libertarians exceeded the 20,601 signatures needed to get on the November ballot.

Libertarian presidential candidate and former Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson, was added to the ballot on August 1, along with the entire slate of Libertarian Party candidates. Apparently fearing that Johnson would draw more Republican than Democrat votes, Republicans challenged the Libertarians, claiming that many of their signatures were invalid. Libertarians were dragged through a grueling and costly 9-week signature verification process that culminated Wednesday when Commonwealth Court Senior Judge Colins ruled that Libertarians had more than enough signatures and could remain on the ballot regardless of how the Supreme Court ruled on two appealed issues.

The following Libertarian candidates will remain ON the November 6 ballot:

• President Governor Gary Johnson
• Vice President Judge James Gray
• U.S. Senate Rayburn Douglas Smith
• PA Attorney General Marakay J. Rogers
• PA Auditor General Betsy Summers
• PA Treasurer Patricia M. Fryman

“The Supreme Court’s ruling is significant because it increases the valid signature total to the point where any Republican appeal of Judge Colins’ decision would appear to be doomed,” Libertarian attorney Paul A. Rossi said this morning. Yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling, when combined with another Commonwealth Court decision in Libertarians’ favor that the Supreme Court allowed to stand, means that the valid signature total is now 24,252 versus 20,601 required.

John Karr, Chair of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania Elections Committee, observed, “The entire process was heavily biased in favor of the Republicans. We beat them at their own game. Their attorneys are whining that they didn’t have enough time. Nine weeks is not enough time? Voters desperately need meaningful choices on the ballot. If Republicans fear healthy competition, they should nominate better candidates instead of attempting to deny voters those choices.”

The Libertarian Party is the party of principle. That principle is simply, “Live and let live.” With over a quarter million Americans registered Libertarian, it is the largest and best alternative for those who want smaller government and more freedom. Visit and for more information.

For additional information:
Contact: Roy Minet (Media Relations Committee Chair) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or
Dr. Tom Stevens (LPPA Chair) at 1-718-357-7075 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.