Quarterly Board Meeting of The Libertarian Party Of Pennsylvania

July 21st , 2018 12-4 pm The Pig Iron Public House Mars, Pennsylvania

Minutes as recorded by Steven Brenize Secretary of the LPPA

Meeting was opened by Chair Drew Bingaman at 12:00PM. The secretary verified the current number of affiliates with a board vote at 13. Allegheny, Bradford, Bucks, Capitol, Chester, Delaware, Lancaster, Lehigh, Montgomery, Northampton, Philadelphia, Susquahanna Valley, and Washington Therefore voting and motion making ability at the meeting was granted to all members of the executive board, all chairs of the standing committees, and any county/region representatives certified to have a board vote. Participation in debate was affirmed as a right of any dues paying member of the LPPA.

Executive board members in attendance : (6) Drew Bingaman – Chair , David Vesley – Western Vice Chair , Bill Sloane(TC)– Central Vice Chair ,Jennifer Moore – Eastern Vice Chair Steven Brenize – Secretary, Joe Soloski – Treasurer

Standing Committee Chairs(3) : Alison Smeltz – Finance, Chuck Moulton – Election, Sean Brown – Media Relations(TC)

Voting County Representatives (4): Montgomery – Steve Scheetz, Northampton – Sven la Rose/Jane Horvath(TC), Caroline Brown – Lancaster(TC), Matt Baltsar - Philadelphia

Number of Voting Members established at 12 plus chair in the event of a tie.

7 votes needed for passage of motions.

Other LPPA members in attendance that signed in Adam Reinhardt and Preston Smith

Chairman Bingaman Reported on the national convention.

Western Vice-Chair Vesley reported that he is working with individuals to increase the number of active affiliates in the western district, specifically Westmoreland. Erie is doing very well in collecting signatures.

Central Vice-Chair Sloane reported that much of centrals focus is ballot access and getting state wide candidates on the ballot.

Eastern Vice-Chair Moore reported that she has been focused on assisting the existing committees and working to find volunteers in non affiliate counties. Attended multiple county meetings and working with the election committee. Chester is very active and had success in emailing previous members.

Secretary Brenize reported that he worked with various volunteers to create press releases and content for the LPPA website. Continues to Post articles on webpage and manage social media. Continues forwarding requests to counties or vice-chairs when requests come in for running for office or information. Reported that the following votes took place during call ins.

Motions and Votes from the May 19th Call in

Motion Motion to reimburse the chair for the purchase of our uber conference software. Motion passed 8-0

Motions and Votes from the June 16th Call in

Nomination of Lou Jasikoff for the the 117th PA house district. Motion Passed 11-0

Motion to pay for up to 3,000 signatures at up to $3 a signature from paid petitioners, to be handled by the elections committee. Motion Passed 7-3

Motion to add Matt Schutter to the Finance Committee. Motion Passed 10-0

Motion to the Finance Committee to raise funds for ballot access to be directed by the Finance chair. Motion Passed 10-0


Treasurer Soloski reported that the LPPA has an unappropriated balance of 13,211.75 , 2,637.63 in the endowment fund for a total of 15,849.38.

Election committee reported that ballot access is going well.

Finance Committee reported that they are working on fund-raising email.

New Business

Motion that we create a working bylaws committee with members to be appointed by the chair. Motion passed 12-0.

Motion to appoint Adam Reinhardt to the Membership Committee and Steve Scheetz to the Finance Committee. Motion passed 12-0