Quarterly Board Meeting of The Libertarian Party Of Pennsylvania

April 21st , 2018 12-4 pm The Conewago Inn Manchester, Pennsylvania

Minutes as recorded by Steven Brenize Secretary of the LPPA

Meeting was opened by Chair Drew Bingaman at 12:00PM. The secretary verified the current number of affiliates with a board vote at 13. Allegheny, Bradford, Bucks, Capitol, Chester, Delaware, Lancaster, Lehigh, Montgomery, Northampton, Philadelphia, Susquahanna Valley, and Washington Therefore voting and motion making ability at the meeting was granted to all members of the executive board, all chairs of the standing committees, and any county/region representatives certified to have a board vote. Participation in debate was affirmed as a right of any dues paying member of the LPPA.

Executive board members in attendance : (6) Drew Bingaman – Chair , David Vesley(TC) – Western Vice Chair , Bill Sloane– Central Vice Chair ,Jennifer Moore – Eastern Vice Chair Steven Brenize – Secretary, Joe Soloski – Treasurer

Standing Committee Chairs(4) : Gus Tatlas – Legislative, Alison Smeltz – Finance, Chuck Moulton – Election, Sean Brown – Media Relations

Voting County Representatives (5): Montgomery – Marc Bozzacco(TC), Bradford – Greg Perry, Northampton – Ed Reagan, Caroline Brown – Lancaster, David Shera – Delaware

Number of Voting Members established at 14 plus chair in the event of a tie.

8 votes needed for passage of motions.

Other LPPA members in attendance that signed in Michelle Grove and Brooke Wilt

Chairman Bingaman Reported that he has been focused on supporting candidates and committees.

Western Vice-Chair Vesley reported that he is working with individuals to increase the number of active affiliates in the western district.

Central Vice-Chair Sloane reported that the state house races in the region are a big focus. York county is active and working to build their membership. Franklin county will be looking for individuals in Adams and Fulton to become a regional affiliate.

Eastern Vice-Chair Moore reported that she has been focused on assisting the existing committees and working to find volunteers in non affiliate counties. Attended multiple county meetings and working with the election committee.

Secretary Brenize reported that he worked with various volunteers to create press releases and content for the LPPA website. Continues to Post articles on webpage and manage social media. Continues forwarding requests to counties or vice-chairs when requests come in for running for office or information. Reported that the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference and Fair Districts rallies where successful opportunities to promote our principles. Reported that the following votes took place during call ins.

Motions passed during the March 24th call in


Motion that The lppa allocate 4k for paid petitions with the intention of collecting in congressional candidates only at $2 per signature, to be turned at the discretion of the election committee. 8-3-1


Motion that for the previously allocated funds That other candidates will need to let elections with in 3 weeks and that paid signatures will not begin until that time has passed 5-4-2


Without objection Scheduling of next in person Meeting April 21st In Scranton or Harrisburg Area


Motion to recognize Chester as an affiliate with board vote-- without objection


Motion to recognize Erie as an affiliate-- without objection


Motion that the board supports the secretary's determination that the York County Affiliates reports are not valid. -- Without Objection


Nomination of Pat Conroy for the  169th General Assembly Representative 



Motion that we participate in the PA LEADERSHIP Conference at the Co-Sponsor level at the cost of  $1100 motion passed



Motion That the secretary be directed to provide the text and votes on call ins to the yahoo group with in one week.-- Without Objection


Motion that the NationBuilder Implementation Committee make a report at the next meeting. --- Without Objection




Treasurer Soloski reported that the LPPA has an unappropriated balance of 13,707.77 , 2,637.63 in the endowment fund for a total of 16,345.40.


Nation Builder Implementation Committee reported that the project had stalled out and they had received a refund of $1,583


Election committee reported that they had not collected any paid signatures and that they are focusing on the primaries.


Legislative committee reported that they are working on increasing our relationships with the LOWV and that the fair districts rally was a great opportunity to network.



Motion that we rescind the motion the The lppa allocate 4k for paid petitions with the intention of collecting in congressional candidates only at $2 per signature, to be turned at the discretion of the election committee. Motion Passes 11-2


Motion that we amend the LPPA policy manual to require that any motion that will spend or commit 10% or more of the LPPA's unappropriated treasury must meet one of the following; 2 weeks notice of the motion being made to the board, approval by 2/3 of those in board members in attendance at the meeting, or simple majority of the entire board with those not in attendance count as nays.