Yearly Meeting of The

Libertarian Party Of Pennsylvania

March 4th , 2017 12-4 pm

University Grille Shippensburg, Pennsylvania

Minutes as recorded by Steven Brenize Secretary of the LPPA



Motion that every attending member in good standing at the time of the convention may be a delegate passed without objection. Total voting delegates set at 87.



Drew Bingaman Elected as the Chair of the LPPA 86-1 over NOTA.


Jennifer Moore Elected as the Eastern Vice-Chair of the LPPA 86-1 over NOTA.


David Vesely Elected as the Western Vice-Chair of the LPPA 86-1 over NOTA.


Bill Sloane Elected as the Central Vice-Chair of the LPPA 86-1 over NOTA.


Joe Soloski Elected as the Treasurer of the LPPA 87-0 over NOTA.


Steven Brenize Elected as the Secretary of the LPPA 86-1 over NOTA.


Grant Meckley, Matt Schutter, Henry Haller, Roy Minot, and Richard Swartz Elected as the Judicial Committee without objection.


Ken Krawchuk nominated as candidate for Governor without objection.


Kathy Smith nominated as candidate for Lt. Governor without objection.


Dale Kerns nominated as candidate for Senate without objection.


A slate of 39 members were Nominated as Delegates to the National Convention, with all other members appointed as alternates.


Meeting closed at 4pm with no Constitution or Bylaw Changes.