Quarterly Board Meeting of The

Libertarian Party Of Pennsylvania

November 18th , 2017 12-5 pm

University Grille Shippensburg, Pennsylvania

Minutes as recorded by Steven Brenize Secretary of the LPPA

Meeting was opened by Chair Drew Bingaman at 12:20PM. The secretary verified the current number of counties with a board vote at 13. Allegheny, Bradford, Bucks, Capitol, Delaware, Lancaster, Lehigh, Montgomery, Northampton, Philadelphia,Susquehanna Valley, Washington, and York.  Voting and motion making ability at the meeting was granted to all members of the executive board, all chairs of the standing committees, and any county/region representatives that have previously been certified to have a board vote. Participation in debate was affirmed as a right of any dues paying member of the LPPA.

Executive board members in attendance : (5) Drew Bingaman – Chair , Chris Bastone – Eastern Vice Chair , Bill Sloane – Central Vice Chair , Steven Brenize – Secretary, Joe Soloski – Treasurer

Standing Committee Chairs : Sean Brown – Media Relations

Voting County Representatives (9): Philadelphia -Matt Baltsar, Montgomery – Marc Bozzacco, Susquehanna Valley – Rodger Brennan, Bradford – Greg Perry, Delaware – Dale Kerns, Bucks – Jim Jaworski (Via Teleconference--TC), Capitol – Chuck Boast, Allegheny – David Vesley(TC), Lancaster – Caroline Brown

Number of Voting Members established at 15 plus chair in the event of a tie. 8 votes needed for passage of motions.

Other LPPA members in attendance that signed in (13). Frank Brown, Alison Smeltz, Brock Wilt, Michael Heise, Al Meckley, Marcus Rand, Robert Clarke, Herb Ruquet, Chuck Boust, Luck Ensor, Gus Tatlas, Steven Werley, Grant Meckley (Judicial Board Member)

  • Chairman Bingaman Reported that he spent the quarter working with committees to keep our progress moving.

  • Eastern Vice-Chair Bastone reported that Chester is back organized and the most counties are seeing growth and increased interest. Suggested that we document our successes and failures from the previous election .

  • Central Vice-Chair Sloane reported that Cumberland, Dauphin, and Perry counties merged into Capitol area. Franklin county reorganized and amended bylaws. Susquehanna Valley ran multiple candidates and won two.

  • Secretary Brenize reported that he worked with various volunteers to create press releases and content for the LPPA website. Posted articles submitted by multiple counties on webpage. Has access to Facebook and has scheduled regular posts based on county affiliates and our state party platform. Continues working with counties on Membership and forwarded requests to counties or vice-chairs when requests come in for running for office or information. Reported that the following votes took place during call ins.

Motions and Votes from the September 16th Call in

Nomination of Michael Hoak for Perry County Coroner.

Motion passed 7-0

Motion to earmark $500 to pay for help to have the website

completed by November 18th.

Motion passed 6-0

Motions and Votes from the October 8th Call in

Nomination of Samantha Dorney for the special house election in

the 133rd PA house district. Motion Passed 9-0

  • Treasurer Soloski reported that the LPPA has an unappropriated balance of 10,936.25 , 2,637.63 in the endowment fund for a total of 13,573.88

It was reported by the chair that the Chair of the Membership Committee has resigned from the committee.

The elections committee reported on the upcoming special election for Pa House district 133.

We had a discussion about running candidates for the general assembly next year.

The Following Motions were passed

  • That the LPPA supports the LWV lawsuit on congressional districts permitted that no costs are incurred to do so and permit Greg Perry speak to the LWV for us. (12-1)

  • To table the Sean Brown NAP Statement (12-1-1)

  • That we Hire Steven Werley to grow membership and that he be compensated five dollars for each member that he adds. (13-1)

  • Membership be raised to $20 and Student Membership be raised to $10. (10-2-2)

  • That we host the 2018 convention in Shippensburg March 3rd, March 4th at the Thought Lot and Shippen Place (14-0)

  • That we order 10,000 Nolan Chart LPPA Rack Cards for $600


  • That David Vesley be named Western Vice-chair (14-0)

That we set Standing Committee Membership as the following.

Membership: Alison Smeltz, Greg Perry, Marcus Rand, Chuck Maulton, Herb Ruquet, Rodger Brennan

Elections: Chuck Maulton, John Karr, Marc Bozzacco , Dale Kerns, Jennifer Moore, Jim Jaworski, Bill Sloane

Legislative Drew Bingaman, Gus Tatlas, Chuck Boust

Media Relations Sean Brown, Gus Tatlas, Robert Clarke ,Rodger Brennan, Greg Perry, Michael Heise

Finance Joe Soloski, Alison Smeltz, Dale Kerns, Robert Clarke, Marc Bozzacco

Website Rodger Brennan, Matt Baltsar, Steven Brenize

For a more in depth description of the conservation and motions please refer to the recording listed.

Full recording Available at the following link.


The meeting closed a 4:30 PM

Respectfully Submitted

Steven Brenize

Secretary LPPA