Quarterly Board Meeting of The

Libertarian Party Of Pennsylvania

August 19th , 2017 12-5 pm

Capitol Gastropub Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Minutes as recorded by Steven Brenize Secretary of the LPPA



Meeting was opened by Chair Drew Bingaman at 12:30PM. As was established at the May meeting that the responsibility of vetting county status once a county/region has been granted voting status rests on the board. It was further established that the board did not have the necessary information at it's disposal to establish status. It was further established that the Secretary continue to work with counties to ensure that counties are aware of their membership totals and responsibilities in order to secure/preserve board representation. The secretary will communicate status to counties at least 30 days prior to the November meeting and that only counties that are permitted to have voting representation on the board be permitted to do so at the November meeting. Therefore voting and motion making ability at the meeting was granted to all members of the executive board, all chairs of the standing committees, and any county/region representatives that have previously voted in a board meeting. Participation in debate was affirmed as a right of any dues paying member of the LPPA.

Executive board members in attendance : (5) Drew Bingaman – Chair , Chris Bastone – Eastern Vice Chair ,Bill Sloane – Central Vice Chair , Steven Brenize – Secretary, Joe Soloski – Treasurer (Via Teleconference--TC)

Standing Committee Chairs : None Present

Voting County Representatives (7): Philadelphia -Matt Baltsar , Montgomery – Marc Bozzacco , Susquehanna Valley – Rodger Brennan , York County – Dave Moser, Mifflin – Brooke Wilt, Bradford – Greg Perry, Lehigh Conner Drigotas

Previous Chair (1): Shawn Patrick House

Number of Voting Members established at 12 plus chair in the event of a tie. 7 votes needed for passage of motions.

Other LPPA members in attendance that signed in (13). Sean Brown, Caroline Brown, Frank Brown, Alison Smeltz, Brock Wilt, Vincent Stoops, Josh Fallenstein, Rob Briley, Michael Heise, Emily Amotiello, David Beaver,

Jason Franks, Grant Meckley (Judicial Board Member)

  • Chairman Bingaman Reported that the time for candidates to circulate nominating papers has passed and that he and secretary filled out and sent authorization forms to candidates that were nominated by the state party. Chair was asked to testify at the challenge of Gary St Fleur's papers in Scranton Fielded multiple requests from state and county election boards. Asks that all counties please inform himself or secretary of their candidates so the LPPA and National Party can help with promotion.

  • Western Vice Chair Santiago reported that she is resigning. She will continue to follow up on ongoing tasks or business until another WVC is in place and help any way I can. Crawford, Butler, and Cambria counties are working on bylaws and and have started communicating or meeting. The Pittsburgh City paper is going to do a small article on the value of supporting a third party with specific detail to the libertarian party. I spoke with them last week.

  • Eastern Vice-Chair Bastone reported Philadelphia party is working to organize the End the Fed block Party. They have been working with individuals in Chester County to get an organized affiliate.

  • Central Vice-Chair Sloane reported that Cumberland county was unable to field individuals for county office but did have activists going door to door. Ken Krawchuk and Dale Kerns candidates for next years elections were hosted in Carlisle and State College.

  • Secretary Brenize reported that he worked with various volunteers to create press releases and content for the LPPA website. Posted articles submitted by multiple counties on webpage. Has access to Facebook and has scheduled regular posts based on county affiliates and our state party platform. Continues working with counties on Membership and forwarded requests to counties or vice-chairs when requests come in for running for office or information. Reported that the following votes took place during call ins.

Motions and Votes from the June 17th Call in

Move that Organized counties be permitted to use the LPPA name, graphics, brand and platform for informational reasons and that any unorganized county may be granted such by the board. Passed Without Objection

Motion to add Greg Perry to media relations. Passed Without Objection

Nomination of Chris Manco for tax collector West Chester borough. Passed 10-0

Nomination of Gary St Fleur for Mayor of Scranton. Passed 9-0

Motion to ratify the statement of the executive committee regarding Arvin Vohra. Motion to Postpone the motion definitely until the August 19th Quarterly board meeting. Motion to postpone passed 5-3-1

Motions and Votes from the July 15th Call in

Nomination of Glenn Tuttle for Meadville Council. Passed 9-0

  • Treasurer Soloski reported that the LPPA has an unappropriated balance of 9,153.25 , 2,637.63 in the endowment fund for a total of 11,790.88

There was a board wide conversation and discussion about elections.

Drew Gray Miller did not get on the ballot. Thoughts were there was a lot of everyone waiting for everyone else to do it. The lack of not being able to effectively field a statewide candidate represents a failure by the party and an opportunity for growth. There are multiple local candidates running for office. There was a suggestion that individuals be encouraged to run for inspector of election or auditor in municipalitys there is no one on the ballot. It was pointed out that IOE might not be a good move for an actual activist because then they can't stand at the polls on election day. Marc Bozzacco shared about the Montco challenges. It was the desire of those in attendance that we document our challenges to use as a future resource. The secretary offered to reach out to Montgomery, Delaware, and Lackawanna to compile reports. David Moser is on the ballot for Mayor of York. Vincent Stoops is on the ballot for Mayor of Selinsgrove. They both stressed the importance of county party event and engaging the general voter. It was stated that we should confirm what is expected for nominating papers from the county BOE before we turn in papers. It was the opinion of many that a little bit of groundwork and facetime is beneficial in building a relationship with county BOE.

The Tech improvement presented the following

There are no current recommendation on the call in procedure. The current platform is as effective a platform as can be for that purpose. It was the opinion of the Tech committee that we move to the nation builder platform for web hosting and web page. Major reasons included flexibility, ease of use, marketing, building membership, communication to membership, and long term growth. The cost in $1920 and it was the opinion of a majority of the tech committee that the platform will more than increase membership numbers during the year to offset the cost. There were 4 individuals that committed to join the party as lifetime members to offset the cost. During the tech conversation there was also considerable conversation about the need for dedicated marketing.

During any other business the following resolution was presented and amended but was not voted on by the board due to the need to close the meeting.

Whereas... the LPPA condemns hate, bigotry, and prejudice in all forms,

Whereas... the core of the LPPA is the NAP,

Be it resolved that the LPPA does not want, nor will it knowingly accept, support from any individual or group that currently advocates for or engages in acts of violence against innocent people, as their motives run directly contrary to the NAP and thus are incompatible with the mission of this group.

The Following Motions were passed without objection.

  • The the LPPA work with grassroots activists in the southeastern part of the state to promote the End the Fed rally but not incur any expense

  • Creation of an Implementation team of Rodger Brennan, Sean Brown, Conner Drigotas, Joe Soloski , Matt Baltsar, Marc Bozzaco, Greg Perry and any others they see fit to make the transition to the new website.

The following motion passed by a 11-1 vote.

  • That the fund raising committee be tasked with raising the funds to move the website to the nation builder platform and to commence implementation of the nation builder platform due to the first years cost being funded by 4 lifetime memberships.

The following motion passed by a 9-2 vote.(pass chairman house was absent)

  • That the board of the LPPA ratify the statement of the executive committee on LNC vice-chair Arvin Vohra.

For a more in depth description of the conservation and motions please refer to the recording listed.


Full recording Available at the following link.


The meeting closed a 5:00 PM

Respectfully Submitted

Steven Brenize

Secretary LPPA