Board Meeting of The Libertarian Party Of Pennsylvania
May 6th, 2017 12-5 pm
The Bull Run Tap House, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania
Minutes as recorded by Steven Brenize Secretary of the LPPA

Meeting was opened by Chair Drew Bingaman at 12:30PM. As was established at the February meeting that the responsibility of vetting county status once a county/region has been granted voting status rests on the board. It was further established that the board did not have the necessary information at it's disposal to establish status. It was the will of those members in attendance that in voting and motion making ability at the meeting would be granted to all members of the executive board, all chairs of the standing committees, and any county/region representatives that have previously voted in a board meeting. Participation in debate was affirmed as a right of any dues paying member of the LPPA.

Executive board members in attendance : (5) Drew Bingaman – Chair , Chris Bastone – Eastern Vice Chair , Jessica Santiago (Via Teleconference--TC) – Western Vice Chair, Steven Brenize – Secretary, Joe Soloski – Treasurer

Standing Committee Chairs : (2) – Membership – Angie Van Scyoc, Elections – Chuck Maulton

Voting County Representives (9): Philadelphia -Matt Baltsar , Montgomery – Marc Bozzacco , Susquehanna Valley – John Burd , Bucks – Jim Jawerski , Northampton – Ed Reagan , York County – Dave Moser, Mifflin – Brooke Wilt, Bradford – Greg Perry, Washington – Chad DeSantis (TC)

Number of Voting Members established at 15 plus chair in the event of a tie. 8 votes needed for passage of motions.

Other LPPA members in attendance that signed in(12). Sean Brown, Caroline Brown, Nicholas Vesser, Nick Sullivan, Ken Krawchuk, Ryan Bourinski, Alison Smeltz, Brock Wilt, Vincent Stoops, John Fallenstein, Ryan Jackson, Jerry Geleff (Judicial Board Member)

  • Chairman Bingaman Reported Since being elected, I have been working with the EC on organizational issues, answering questions, and helping to coordinate and facilitate communication.

    A significant amount of time has been working with our ad hoc group to recruit a candidate and volunteers as well as facilitate communications for the potential (now defunct) special election in the PA 10th congressional district. This work was productive as we now have a basic structure and our candidate is committed to running for the office in 2018.

    In addition I attended the LNC meeting in Pittsburgh the weekend of April 15-16. I felt it a good measure as PA chair to welcome the LNC to PA, as it has been some time since they held a meeting in the commonwealth.

    I also attended the NYLP convention the weekend of April 28-30. It was good to get a sense of some of the issues our neighbor to the north is experiencing, as well as to be able to compare our organization with theirs, and also to support them and keep our relationship friendly and cooperative. For comparison purposes, the NYLP has about 300 dues paying members, and their voting delegate count was about 70. We compare very similarly.

    Moving forward I will be continuing to work on organizational issues with the EC and helping to get our records back into a good state.

  • Western Vice Chair Santiago reported After the convention I created a map that included the 22 counties in Western PA outlining total population, current LP members, and expired members. Also recorded how many libertarian votes each county received in presidential election last year to better gage our potential of libertarian and libertarian leaning voters. On 4/18/2017 emailed members due for renewal or close to which resulted in handful of people who renewed.  Chapter bylaws submitted to LPPA Secretary for Washington and Allegheny County, along with minutes, and officers. Attended Allegheny County's Chapter meeting and called into Washington County. Both meetings had a great deal of enthusiasm and great ideas. Allegheny County discussed creating county officer roles to include functional roles such as education, outreach, and campaigning. I've connected with at least one person in Venango, Fayette, and Butler County interested and working on finding people to create official chapters. I will continue to follow up with them once every 2 weeks to offer support.

  • Eastern Vice-Chair Bastone reported Philadelphia party raising funds for a freedom festival go to lp philly facebook page or talk to Jason Franks to contribute or for more details. Philly party involved in the DA race, been in contact with republicans and democrats, making our voice heard, becoming more known in the city. Petition season is around if anybody wants to request help from neighboring counties or wants to coordinate efforts, contact your respective vice chair for you area to help. Seeing an influx of candidates we need to support, county chairs please compile what you would like to see from us to support you.Per Conner Drigotas (lehigh county chair) - Dale Kerns is looking for leaders in Pennsylvania to take on the responsibility of county director for his senate campaign. Individuals will be responsible for organizing movement and awareness in their county. Interested parties should reach out to Conner Drigotas at 207-205-9133or find him on facebook to discuss.

  • Secretary Brenize reported That he has access to both the state and national membership lists and have been working with membership to ensure that new members are being contacted. Working with membership committee to impliment a paln to increase county, state, and national participation. Worked with EC and website committee to resolve some access issues with the website and working with website to resolve outdated issues with the website. Working with the Western Vice-chair to increase communication with eh counties in the western part of the state. Personally responded to multiple inquiry emails and forwarded their information to the appropriate counties. Forwarded county membership information to multiple county chairs/contacts that requested such information. Updated Bylaws and Constitution with changes approved at the convention. Sent updated contact information, Bylaws, Constitutions to the state department of elections. Counties are to do likewise in order to ensure that Libertarians running in certain counties have an avenue to do so.

  • Treasurer Soloski reported Banking responsibilities were transferred from Richard Swarz to Joe Soloski on Tuesday, May 2. There is no formal financial statement or financial report to present at the May 2 meeting as Joe Soloski has not had the opportunity to access all banking data online and to make sure that all passwords are updated.

Current cash balances are as follows: Checking account –approximately $8,600; Endowment Fund – approximately $2,600.

An invoice for web services from Talos4, in the amount of $175 was presented for payment. A more complete financial report will be made available at the June 2017 LPPA teleconference meeting.

  • Elections Chair Maulton presented information on the signature rathering process for judicial candidate Miller. He also presented information about elections throughout the commonwealth in which no idividuals were running and how the committee is working to identify and working with counties to run Libertarians for office. Presented and answered questions about VIDAS and committed to working on resolving issues with access.

  • Membership Chair Van Scyoc reported that she is working with the committee to create form emails to be used for the varied needs of individuals that request information from the state party. She was named chair by the committee.

  • Mike Nixson submitted the following report on the website. The major improvement in the web site was to replace the reporting package that pulls member and contact data from the Civi database. All of the regions and a number of counties are available along with a report for all (restricted to the appropriate people). The database is searchable, sortable and downloadable in multiple formats. Of the nine county reports currently configured only three counties have access to their member data: Bradford, Lancaster and Northampton. Other counties need only to request access (and hence the need for a data policy and online request form. I upgraded Joomla to the latest version recently (3.7) and discovered on May 2 that some of the background software (Cron for the server aware) is not operating properly due to a bug in the Joomla update. This means we can't do mass mail at the moment which includes the newsletter and member renewals that I was doing manually. This bug is affecting a large groups of users in the Joomla community and based on what is being said in the forum community, I expect it will be addressed soon. But for now mass mail is dead in the water. I've been working with Sean to present the newsletter in more of a blog format. I was reflecting this in the mass mailed version (making it much briefer than prior versions) but alas seeing that will have to wait. I requested that Dave Jahn create an announcement list for purposes of making one way announcements about the website and he did so in mid April. Obviously such a list could be used by those with a need to issue official communications. I have not had a chance to configure this yet and unless Dave has the time, it is likely to be mid Summer before I'm able to get to it. I do plan to eventually create a form on the website to request to be added to that announcement list.

There was a presentation made by judicial committee member Jerry Geleff about the importance of building counties out using proven strategies. A packet was made available to the board and is available to any theat ask.

The Following Motions were passed without objection.

  • That Meetings for the year be the Following and that the executive committtee Priortise business for quarterly meetings and only do essential business in face to face meetings. Quarterly meetings are scheduled for August 19, November 18, and February 17. Conferernce calls are scheduled for June 17, July 15, September 14, October 21, December 16, and January 20.

  • That the Executive Committee will be responsible for working on Vidas and Membership access, with county chairs having access to what they need. WITH MONTHLY RESPORTS UNTIL RESOLVED

  • That the Secretary continue to work with counties to ensure that counties are aware of their membership totals and responsibilities in order to secure/perserve board representation. The secretary will communicate status to counties at least 30 days prior to the November meeeting and that only counties that are permitted to have voting representation on the board be permitted to do so at the November meeting.

  • That the following individuals be added/confirmed as members of the listed committees. Chuck Maulton, Marc Bozzacco, John Karr, and Bill Slaone on the Elections Commitee. Roy Minot, David Jahn and Drew Bingaman on Legislative. Herb Ruquet, Brooke Wilt, Angie Van Scyoc, Craig McDonald, and Steven Brenize on Membership. Guy Calhoun, Sean Brown, Lauren Turner, and Jessica Santiago on Media Relations. Alison Smeltz and Joe Soloski on Finance. Chuck Maulton on Website.

  • That the reamaining funds that were earmarked for the yearly convention be used for a project created by the elections committee to identify individuals to run for office in positons around the state that have no canidates on the ballot for the November election.

  • That for organizational purposes the only current committees be the Standing Committees, The Judicial Committee, The Website Committee, and the IT research committee, with the Newsletter Committtee being folded into the Media Relations committee.

The following motions were passed by a 14-1 vote.

  • That the elections committee create an email letter with links to Ken's paper for the Drew Miller campaign and that costs for printing state wide nomination papers can be submitted to the treasurer with no funds allocated for paying for signatures.

  • That we create an IT research committee with the purpose of investigating improvements that can be made in all aspects of IT to improve the functionality of our Information Technology. That the following people comprise that committee, Ed Reagan, Matt Baltsar , Jerry Geleff, Jim Jaweroski, John Burd, and Chad DeSantis.

For a more in depth description of the conservation and motions please refer to the recording listed.

Full recording Available at the following link.

The meeting closed a 5:00 PM

Respectfully Submitted
Steven Brenize
Secretary LPPA