Here is the slate of candidates running in the 2018 General Election. 
Ken Krawchuk, Governor (5000 signatures)
Kathleen Smith, Lieutenant Governor (2500 signatures)
Dale Kerns, US Senate (5000 signatures)
7th US Congressional District: Lehigh and Northampton County to nominate shortly (1019 signatures)
8th US Congressional District: Steve Scheetz, Congressman (1258 signatures)
10th PA Senate District: Jim Jaworski, Senator (993 signatures)
24th PA Senate District: Matt Lowrie Senator (838 signatures)
40th PA Senate District: Northampton County to nominate a placeholder shortly and collect signatures (769 signatures)
13th PA House District: Dominic Pirocchi (369 Signatures)
53rd PA House District: John Waldenberger, Representative (300 signatures)
68th PA House Districts: John Fallenstein (499 Signatures) - needs State Board nomination
81st PA House District: Joe Soloski, Representative (380 signatures)
98th PA House District: Jim Miller, Representative (471 signatures)
110th PA House District: Philip Feichtner (447 signatures) - needs State Board nomination
133rd PA House District: Sam Dorney, Representative (300 signatures)
138th PA House District: Northampton County to nominate (466 signatures)
151st PA House District: Andrew Hatstat, Representative (408 signatures)
153rd PA House District: Marc Bozzaco, Representative (490 signatures)
160th PA House District: Mark Bennett, Representative (444 signatures)
162nd PA House District: W. David Medina, Representative (398 signatures)
169th PA House District: Pat Conroy, Representative (461 signatures)
194th PA House District: Matt Baltsar, Representative (460 signatures)
199th PA House District: Chuck Boust, Representative (382 signatures)