September 2017

Why Gun Violence is Higher in the US than Elsewhere (Editorial)

Why Gun Violence is Higher in the US than Elsewhere

Editorial by Sean Brown

Let's be frank: the gun homicide rate is at least ten times higher in the US than in European countries like Britain. But that does not mean guns cause crime, nor does it mean that gun control actually works in any way, shape or form.

I've peered over some data, and discovered that there is virtually no statistically significant correlation between the gun homicide rate and the gun ownership rate among different countries.

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The Challenge of Being a Third-Party Candidate (Op-Ed by Jennifer Moore)

The Challenge of Being a Third-Party Candidate

Op-Ed by Jennifer Moore

I know that everyone is tired and political activist are intolerable. Fair warning before you continue reading, I am getting on my soap box here. This is a political opinion piece on my experience to date running for local office.

This week I have learned a lot. I've learned about election law and what ballot challenges look like. I've learned what to expect as a third party candidate running for office. I've learned who my friends and political allies are. This was only the first of many challenges that I will face as a Libertarian. All of this information will prove invaluable in the coming days. There will be a next time and we will be prepared for it.

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End the Fed Block Party (ft. Kerns for Senate)

Libertarians will gather for an End the Fed block party in Philadelphia on September 9, 2017. We will be shutting down the block in front of the Philadelphia Federal Reserve building and making a powerful statement! The event runs from 12-4 followed by an after-party indoors. Speakers at the event will include Larry Sharpe (prospective NY governor candidate 2018), Dale Kerns (prospective PA senate candidate 2018), Adam Kokesh (prospective presidential candidate 2020), and more. Find more details here:

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