October 2018

Polarization is the Path to Victory (by Sean Brown)

Polarization is the Path to Victory

By Sean Brown

Note: The opinions contained in the following article are solely those of the author and may not necessarily represent the official opinion of the LPPA.

One of the Libertarian Party’s greatest weaknesses is simply not having enough people in it.

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POLL: Kerns 11%, Krawchuk 7%

In a scientific poll conducted over the weekend of September 28, 2018, our U.S. Senate candidate, Dale Kerns, polled at 11% and our Governor candidate, Ken Krawchuk, polled at 7%! The respondent sample size was 430 registered Pennsylvania voters out of a pool of 10,000 called at random. This data is hot off the presses, and the campaigns are still awaiting margin of error data, but this is huge news for the Libertarian Party.



LPPA Officers

Elected at the 2018 LPPA Convention, March 4, 2018

Chair: Drew Bingaman

Eastern Vice-Chair: Jennifer Moore

Central Vice-Chair: Bill Sloane

Western Vice-Chair: David Vesely

Secretary: Steve Brenize

Treasurer: Joseph Soloski

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