November 2018

Why More Resources Doesn't Translate to Victory (by Sean Brown)

We all know the hard truth: the Libertarian Party is incredibly tiny next to the major parties. In both manpower and money, we fall incredibly short of what we really need to pull off a win, as all third-parties do.

But strangely, no matter how much of those things we seem to either have (or not have), our election results seem to turn out roughly the same. The amount of money and staffing a Libertarian Party campaign has does not appear to contribute markedly to its success.

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Why I Support Libertarians (by Daniel Martin)

I’m not really a party-oriented person, when it comes to politics.   In fact, I wish we didn’t have parties at all.  Imagine what it would be like if people voted based on where individual candidates stood on issues, rather than what team colors they wore.  Perhaps this would force the populace to become better informed.   Maybe we would end up electing leaders who more accurately represent the will of the people.

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LPPA Officers

Elected at the 2018 LPPA Convention, March 4, 2018

Chair: Drew Bingaman

Eastern Vice-Chair: Jennifer Moore

Central Vice-Chair: Bill Sloane

Western Vice-Chair: David Vesely

Secretary: Steve Brenize

Treasurer: Joseph Soloski

Election Results

Congratulations to our statewide candidates!

Dale Kerns for Senate: 50,903 votes (1.02%)

Ken Krawchuk for Governor: 48,615 votes (0.98%)