November 2017

The Environment, and How a Libertarian Would Protect It (Editorial)

The Environment, and How a Libertarian Would Protect It

Editorial by Sean Brown

Note: the following article is solely the opinion of the author and does not necessarily represent the official opinion of the LPPA.

First thing’s first: why is the environment such a concern?

The environment’s rather unfortunate tendency to get damaged or destroyed is a consequence of the Tragedy of the Commons: if everyone benefits from something regardless of the work they have to put in to maintain it, eventually, no one will maintain it.

Often this issue is addressed through government. But the current way we handle environmental regulation is laden with arbitrary rules written by unelected bureaucrats, and functions as more of a “gotcha” system than a truly moral system of protecting people from other people’s messes. Many companies are forced to have entire departments dedicated to just trying to read the regulations, let alone comply with them.

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