May 2018

Why Consequentialism Doesn't Work (by Sean Brown)

Why Consequentialism Doesn't Work: Or, Why Libertarians Can't Always Provide the Answers the Public Wants

by Sean Brown

Note: The contents herein are solely the opinion of the editor and may not represent the official opinion of the LPPA.

Let's face the difficult reality of being a libertarian, especially a libertarian candidate for office: there may not always be a nice answer to every question.

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SWOT on Principles (by Sonja Dagny Yago)

SWOT on Principles

by Sonja Dagny Yago

Note: The opinions expressed herein are solely those of the author and may not necessarily represent the official opinion of the LPPA.

A SWOT analysis is an analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Everyone and everything has a set of strengths and weaknesses and a set of opportunities and threats.

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LPPA Officers

Elected at the 2018 LPPA Convention, March 4, 2018

Chair: Drew Bingaman

Eastern Vice-Chair: Jennifer Moore

Central Vice-Chair: Bill Sloane

Western Vice-Chair: David Vesely

Secretary: Steve Brenize

Treasurer: Joseph Soloski

Dale Kerns Addresses Syria Strikes

Dale Kerns Addresses Syria Strikes

Reprinted with permission. Note that this was initially released in mid-April.

Over the weekend, in response to a chemical weapons attack on the Syrian people, President Trump gave the orders to attack Syria and Assad. It has caused many Democrats to speak out against Trump's actions while many Republicans stand with Trump in solidarity. On Sunday morning, Dale went live on Facebook to give his thoughts about what happened. (You can watch the whole video here.)

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