March 2019

The “He Said, She Said” of Russian influence, an in-depth Analysis (John Burd)

When you look at the news lately you hear a lot of high-stakes, he said, she said regarding President Trump and his alleged collusion with Russia to influence the U.S. presidential election of 2016. The reasons to doubt the president’s credibility have been fully explored, but are there valid reasons to question a Russian connection? U.S. intelligence agency reports have been routinely cited by the left as sufficient justification to seek the impeachment of President Trump. Agencies such as the CIA would never be permitted to operate with an agenda of their own, right? To some, the intelligence agencies are saviors, exposing a trail of Russian control leading directly to the President. To others, these intelligence agencies are part of “The Deep State”, a part of the government we can not see, which makes sure that no matter who is in office, core policies, such as the expansion of the surveillance state, remain unchanged.

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