June 2017

The Worst Presidents (Editorial)

The Worst Presidents

Editorial by Sean Brown


The following list is solely the opinion of the author and in no way should be constituted to represent the official opinions of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania, any of its county affiliates, or LP National.

Every four years it’s the same story. One major party or the other seizes or defends its control over the government, and the winners cheer and the losers groan. But nothing really changes, no matter which party wins.

The government has steadily expanded ever since the Civil War in 1860, with endless and boundless growth piling on with each successive administration, save a few brief reprieves. There are four notable Presidents who arguably did the most damage to America.

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Free markets are the remedy for the health care crisis (Op-Ed)

Free markets are the remedy for the health care crisis

Op-Ed by Roy A. Minet


Virtually everyone agrees that our health care system is screwed up and not working well. Things have deteriorated over many years, as increasing government interference has destroyed the ability of normal, corrective, free-market mechanisms to function.

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Petition Drive for Drew G. Miller

Statewide Petition Drive

The Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania needs your help petitioning its statewide judicial candidate on the ballot. Drew G. Miller of Pittsburgh is running for Judge of the Commonwealth Court.
We need to collect 2,500 valid signatures on our minor party nomination paper from registered voters throughout Pennsylvania by August 1. This translates to 4,000 to 5,000 raw signatures to give us a reasonable buffer if some signatures are challenged. Our signature drive will be all volunteer this year.

Will you help? Memorial Day and July 4th public events (parades, fireworks, etc.) where there are a lot of people in one place are excellent times to collect signatures efficiently.  Even carrying a nomination paper around for a week getting signatures from your family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers would be immensely helpful.

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Current LPPA Officers

Elected at the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania Convention 2017, April 2, 2017

Hilton Hotel, Harrisburg PA

CHAIR: Drew Bingaman

WESTERN VICE-CHAIR: Jessica Santiago



TREASURERJoseph P. Soloski

SECRETARY: Steven Brenize

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