January 2019

The 2nd Amendment: What It Really Means to Repeal and Replace

The 2nd Amendment: What It Really Means to “Repeal and Replace”

By Sean Brown

There is apparently a widespread belief making the rounds that the 2nd amendment needs to be rewritten in order to specifically only protect limited firearm ownership rights of hunters, collectors, target shooters, and those who are concerned with self-defense. In this view, the simply open-ended “right to bear arms” really ought to be interpreted only in the sense of allowing sportsmanship and defense with guns, and not in the sense of guaranteeing a universal right to bear weapons of all sorts. To be fair, Republicans and the NRA do not do very much to dispel this view, choosing to focus on precisely these activities as their core arguments as to why guns are safe to be legal, rather than chiefly arguing the Constitutional history of gun rights, or the history of why the 2nd amendment exists. This article aims to do just that.

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