January 2018

If We Can't Have Laissez-Faire, Let's Have Simplicity (by Sean Brown)

If We Can't Have Laissez-Faire, Let's Have Simplicity (by Sean Brown)

Disclaimer: All views expressed in this article are solely the opinion of the author and may not necessarily represent the official opinion of the LPPA or any of its affiliates.

It’s no secret that libertarians are all about laissez-faire capitalism. We want radical deregulation of almost every aspect of life, even if it’s accomplished slowly. After all, all the regulation first got here over hundreds of years; you can’t expect it to vanish overnight. Austrian economics, the school of thought most of us follow, appears to validate our preferences.

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Thrive (by Sonja Dagny Yago)

Thrive (by Sonja Dagny Yago)

"What can our local groups do to help make the Libertarian Party THRIVE?"

An obvious part of the answer to that question is doing what it takes, in alignment with our party's principles, to help the party grow.

While growth can be an indicator of thriving, it doesn't necessarily promise thriving is present.

In fact, when growth happens without thriving behaviors in play, rapid growth is a recipe for rapid implosion - something Libertarians are likely to want to avoid as we pursue growing the Libertarian Party. Yes? Yes!

So, when possible, it's important to address and refine thriving behaviors before pursuing rapid growth.

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Whither the Antiwar Movement? (by Daniel Martin)

Whither the Antiwar Movement? (by Daniel Martin)

The following article was originally published in The American Conservative, was reprinted by the Ron Paul Institute, and is again reprinted here with the author's permission.

“Imagine there’s no heaven...and no religion too.”

A more useful line when it comes to our current wars may be “Imagine there’s no duopoly.” It’s hard to fault John Lennon for his idealism, of course. In his day, many blamed religion on the wars of history. But a much bigger obstacle right now, at least in the US, is partisanship. The two major political parties, in power and out, have been so co-opted by the war machine that any modern anti-war movement has been completely subsumed and marginalized—even as American troops and killer drones continue to operate in or near combat zones all over the world.

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