August 2017

Why Social Security is a Failure (Editorial)

Why Social Security is a Failure
Editorial by Sean Brown

Please note that the following article does not necessarily represent the official opinion of the LPPA and is solely the opinion of the author.

Social Security was first sold to the American public in the 1930s as a temporary program designed to relieve poorer retired Americans during the Great Depression by transferring wealth from the rich down to the poor, as is ostensibly the purpose of all welfare programs. Yet over 80 years later, Social Security alone consumes over 25% of the federal budget, and at the very least is in dire need of fiscal reform. Even if Congress wasn’t irresponsibly stealing money from the program to fund other things, it would still be both insolvent and wrong at the same time. Because despite the rhetoric you hear, Social Security does not actually achieve the purpose it was made for. Rather than transfer wealth down from the rich to the poor, it effectively does the opposite. It might seem counterintuitive at first, but consider the following facts.

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