Newsletter of the LPPA September 2016

September message from the chair.

What a great time to be involved with the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania in this historic election cycle. With less than 75 days til the November 8th election. I would like to remind everyone that the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania is doing its best to rise to the challenge of offering voters a better alternative to establishment Democratic and Republican campaigns. Our Presidential and VP nomination stand in's have been replaced with Governors Gary Johnson and William Weld. Attorney General Candidate Nikki Allen Poe withdrew after being challenged. Libertarian Benjamin Gross Esq. from Western Pennsylvania was elected by the board to fill the vacancy. Visit and see the candidates list and links to their bios or websites.

We must maintain faith in ourselves and our fellow Libertarians as we move into the last two months. Mark your calendar for November 8th. Contact one of our State or Congressional Candidates, volunteer to work a poll, hand out literature or best yet donate, write a check, send Federal Reserve notes or to some Bitcoin. Forget the haters and the naysayers who will accuse each of us for not having the "right" candidates or the "best" candidates. Forget the populist who will accuse us of keeping their candidate out of office because we are voting Libertarian vs R or D. As soon as this election is over we must gear up for local elections in 2017. Our mission as a political party is to get Libertarians in office and advance a Liberty agenda.

September there will be parades, debates, sign waves, letters to the editors. More groups and local County LP groups are forming. Like one drop of water joining with many others we will create the wave that will not stop.  Remember to call and politely remind NPR, WITF, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, Fox that there are more than just ClinTrump and the voters deserve better. Be polite, be to the point and remain principled.

I met with PCN's VP of Strategic Marketing and they want to know of events the Libertarian Party is doing so they can cover it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thank you volunteers, Shawn Patrick House State Chair, Candidate,

Hello LPPA!

My name is Trent Somes, III. I am your Regional Alternate on the Libertarian National Committee, and I am the National Chairman of the Libertarian Youth Caucus. The LYC is active in LPPA with a growing number of registered chapters which have helped numerous candidates with social media and youth outreach. Youth Caucus members have been active in petitioning, tabling and are very active in the PA Johnson/Weld Campaign. If you or someone you know would like to get involved with or donate to the Youth Caucus, please get in contact with me: (412) 496 – 8552 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

There are even more youth involved in Youth for Johnson/Weld. I got the chance to talk to Kaleigh Cunningham, who is leading the campaign efforts for youth outreach in the commonwealth.

Trent Somes: how did you get involved at YJW, what's your role, and what do you have to do?

Kaleigh Cunningham: I became involved with YJW because of northwest regional director Garett Roush. He knew how passionate I was about Gary Johnson because he was the reason I found the liberty movement. I am the Pennsylvania State Director, my job is to create and support Youth for Johnson Weld chapters in our state.

T: How many YJW chapters are there? How can local affiliates assist them?

K: In the 24 hours after the launch of Youth for Johnson Weld we received over 600 chapter applications and more are rolling in every day. These groups will be carrying out activism events on campus and in their community to spread the message of Johnson’s campaign

T: What do you see yourself doing after the election?

K: After the election, I plan on continuing my work with the Libertarian Youth Caucus and Young Americans for Liberty to expand libertarian ideals throughout America.

T: So you find that youth are more libertarian than previous generations? Is it easy to "convert" someone to libertarianism?

K: It is my belief, among countless others, that most people are libertarians; they just don’t know it yet. The easiest way to “convert” others to libertarianism is to explain it to them. The amount of times I’ve heard “Oh! I’ve always thought that way, I just didn’t know that it had a name!” is countless.

T: how can students get involved? What's the best way to contact you?

K: Students can get involved with Youth for Johnson Weld at and Young Americans for liberty by contacting me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Philly LP Reorganization Meeting

lp organization

Facebook event

Planning tenatively for September 15, subject to change as needed. Venue to be announced.

Please post your general section of the city below along with any weekday evenings that are not a good time to meet. 

If you are not yet a member of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania, please join here!


 Candidate Congress16th

LPPA State Chair & Candidate for office campaigning. A few things happening.
Lancaster Chamber of Commerce Debates 10/10/16 7 pm Lititz, PA @ Penn Cinemas.
Ephrata Cable 11 Sept 7th. Spanish Radio Sept 13th.

 Visit for events, to donate & get involved.

Lancaster County, Reading, Pa, Coatesville, Kennett Square, Avondale, Oxford.
No incumbent, if I can raise big bucks Libertarian billboards will go up.

Office number 1-800-use-hemp, email

Checks payable to "house2congress2016" PO Box 7832, Lancaster, PA 17604 

From Libertarian Party Mifflin County

LPMC Ang Brooke


"My burning desire is to be left alone to lead the life that best suits me and extend the same courtesy to my fellow man. The only conundrum in that scenario is the ironic reality that to “live and let live” takes work. You cannot sit back and assume that politicians and their corporate sponsors are willingly going to keep out of your bedroom, wallet, and property, when there is abundant cash flow in the hindrance of one’s free will." -- -- Brooke Wilt

 Officer Elected: 
 Chair - Angie Van Scyoc
 Vice Chair - Brooke Wilt
 Secretary - Emile Boulanger
 Treasurer - To Be Determined
LPMC Org Mtg 1

Upcoming Meetings & Socials:

  8/31 - Social Gathering - CVR Restaurant & Lounge (Yeagertown) @ 6:00pm
  9/07 - Business Meeting - Mifflin County Library (Lewistown) @ 6:00pm
  9/11 - Social Gathering - J P Edwards (Burnham) @ 3:30pm
* We are looking to increase membership & add volunteers for campaign efforts during the Fall working towards the General Election. 
* Anyone interested can contact Angie at 717-994-3506.
* We welcome anyone regardless of their registration who wants to participate in supporting our Libertarian candidates or who would like to learn more about the Libertarian Party.

Delaware County Libertarian Committee

 IMG 30491

Treasurer Matt Wallace
with Gary Johnson in Philadelphia

IMG 30501

Member Michael Dugent with Gary Johnson in Philadelphia

IMG 30551

Member Drew Brune in Philadelphia with Gary Johnson.

IMG 30651 On the image at the left, Dale Kerns, Vice Chairman (left) and Matt Wallace, Treasurer (right). This picture is in Rose Tree Park where we were harassed by county leadership, kicked out of the park, had our petitions stolen by law enforcement due to Republican County Officials saying we were breaking the law by collecting signatures, displaying signs, and handing out literature in a public park. We fought back with the help of the ACLU and continue to show up to the park to peacefully exercise our right to free speech. We had a video that went viral of the stop by law enforcement on this event.

IMG 30511

Philadelphia LP Member with Gary Johnson in Philadelphia

Additionally, we are looking for volunteers who can come out to Valley Forge National Park on September 10th. We have a table set up for 9/11 Remembrance Day. Many who identify themselves as "Patriots" will be there. We are looking to spread the word about our LP ticket. More info can be found at our Facebook Page "Delco For Liberty" or by emailing us directly.


Alex Graham

You can't talk an idea into being, people have to be gently introduced and discover it. I for one, would never have joined the LP in June 2016 were it not for Governors Gary Johnson & Bill Weld, even though I sent off for LP info 3 years ago. I needed leaders to articulate it in a way I could find it accessible and tangibly relatable.

Why didn't I join 3 years ago? It was the LP info pack. I was aways fiscally conservative and socially inclusive, but 2 messages I took away from the pack left me confused and estranged. Whether I understood it accurately or not, I believed that the LP was for ending social welfare & were isolationists. 

With these 2 issues in mind, I self identified as a "sort-of" or "moderate" libertarian. So I sat on those thoughts, without taking action for 3 years. Until February 2016. After the 2 people I thought I could support running for president dropped out, I started digging. I re-visited the libertarian party and went beyond the lifeless canned literature that I had received but rejected. I looked for a leader. And I found one. Gary Johnson. For 4 months I researched him. Watched YouTube interviews, read op ed's, articles, asked friends that lived in NM during his governorship. I took the quiz, I looked for any reason not to support him. Instead, I found hope, excitement and inspiration. When I found out who is VP pick was, Bill Weld, I was SOLD. 

I hung on Gary’s every word watching the LP Convention debates and held my breath waiting for the nomination results. I made a promise to myself, that if the LP is smart enough to nominate Johnson/Weld, then I am changing parties. And I did.

I've been eligible to vote for 25 years and I've NEVER been so inspired by a presidential ticket.  I've NEVER donated money to a campaign. I've NEVER volunteered to help a run to the White House. Those two issues that I struggled with…they are resolved under Johnson/Weld. People always say “there is no candidate with whom you will agree with 100%, “ but for the first time - I do.

It sure took me a long time to get here, but I’m happy to be here now and conscience that long-time libertarians must be having a mixture of feelings about the sudden support and ‘infiltration.’  Thank you for letting me ‘in’. 

JohnsonWeld 2016 Campaign

 Pennsylvania is divided in to 9 Regions, each with a regional director.  The PA Director is Jeff Mitchell. We have over 15,000 supporters and volunteers in our system and it is growing every day. Some of the activities we are doing include:

  • Contacting and recruiting volunteers
  • Phone Banking

  • Social Media Outreach

  • Coordinating outreach events, socials and watch parties to build our community

  • Door to door knocking, canvassing

  • Creating marketing materials: t-shirt designs, buttons, videos

We also engage is some real grassroots, street-style kind of stuff. We are learning fast, have really great information systems we work with and the people are amazing. Join us! Have some fun and let’s help make history together! 


PA Community Page:

Pittsburgh Group:

Best regards,
Alex Graham

JohnsonWeld 2016 Campaign PA Region 9 Director


Twitter:     Alex (@AlexGraham777) | Twitter

Facebook Group:

Introducing Elected Libertarian, Giovanni Martello

giovanni martelloGiovanni Damien Martello is a resident of Richlandtown Borough Pennsylvania. Richlandtown is a small borough of around 1300 residents in Northwestern Bucks County. Giovanni was recently voted in August 22nd by Council majority and sworn in August 25th by the Mayor. The Borough Council needed someone to take over a suddenly resigned seat to finish out the term to end of 2017, and/or run for re-election next year.

This Presidential Election, he feels, has woken up a lot of people to how awful our current Bi-Partisan system is. He had previously been silent and felt it was time to get involved on the grass-roots level in his local community. He recalls people saying how "The Libertarians only get involved every 4 years" or "Where are their local elected officials? They only want to be President". He decided this was his call to action, but how did he get started?

I knew that he wanted to get involved with his local government and start trying to make a difference at a grass roots level, but he didn't know how. His first step was to make himself available, and show up to as many local public meetings as I could. He introduced himself and offered to help out with absolutely anything they needed and that he only wanted a chance to learn about how the Borough functions in return. His willingness to help, learn, and being there physically were all that was required to get involved. He was contacted a few weeks later by the Mayor that following the previous meeting a council member had suddenly resigned and they needed to fill the spot. Since he wanted to get involved the Mayor recommended he apply for the position. He sent an application and resume into the Borough Office the next day. The following week at the Council Work Session he was the only applicant and only volunteer that showed up to apply. After speaking with the council and answering some questions he was voted in no contest to fill the open Council Seat. It was clear that there was a lack of volunteers, and he hopes to help change that.

Things are moving fast, and it's been incredible how many people he has been talking to by just putting myself out there while offering to help. Being able to work alongside my local Council and Mayor has been incredibly exciting, and recently speaking with the Chair of LPPA Shawn as well as Daniel the Vice Chair has been extremely helpful as well. He has yet to see just how much he can influence in this new position, what good he can do by staying true to the Libertarian principles, and showing people we are not a party filled with crazy people at all... We are your neighbors, co-workers, business owners, and family members who are tired of the bi-partisan lock on this country and the need for change all around us. Giovanni's example shows that you can get involved by just taking the first step and reaching out!

In the future he hopes to be able to work with others in Northern Bucks County to start a more local chapter and talk about what we can do in our communities to raise awareness of this 3rd option we have in the Libertarian party. If you are in or near Northern Bucks County and are interested, please send him an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. He looks forward to meeting you all at an event or on the street in the future.


Adam Kokesh will be speaking in the Philadelphia region this September: in Wilmington, Delaware on September 24th, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on September 26th, and in Trenton, New Jersey on September 27th.

This is not just another mind-blowing presentation from Adam Kokesh. It's also an exploratory tour for Kokesh 2020. Adam plans to run for President in 2020 on the platform of the peaceful, orderly, abolition of the entire federal government. Any support for ending the Fed out there? Adam will be explaining why government is illegitimate, how we move past it, and why it is so important to be involved in this movement right now. He will have free copies of his extremely successful book FREEDOM! available and other FREEDOM! merchandise.

Event Calendar

6-7pm Off the record meet and greet with Adam Kokesh

Get your tickets here!

7-7:30 Adam presents local candidates and activists
7:30-8:30 Adam speaks
8:30-9pm Book signing
9-9:30pm Trailer signing

To get FREEDOM! for free in every digital format possible including audiobook.

Polls, Fundraising, and Media Attention Keep Climbing!

This month, we've taken the media by storm.

Many didn't believe we could raise over $3 million from 100,000 donors in a few weeks. But we did.

Many didn't believe we could take over social media and make national news headlines. But we did.

And many in the media don't believe a third party candidate can climb to 15% to get in the debates.

But we are on our way. And here's why we believe...

Our Money Bomb Made National Headlines

We raised over $1.7 million for the #15for15 Money Bomb, and more than $3 million from over 100,000 of you this month alone. 

Will you contribute?

We Are Surging on Social Media

Even Mashable, the largest news outlet for everything digital media, took notice of your incredible activity on social media. #ItsHappening! 

Join us on Facebook!

We Are Packing the House at Our Rallies

I have never felt so humbled in my life. Thousands of you are packing our rallies. And we will keep going with bigger venues every day.

Visit our Event Calendar!

And That's Not All
This month...

  • We released a new powerful campaign video. 6 million views already:"This is the Year"
  • We polled over 16% in Colorado.
  • We are polling higher than Trump and Hillary with young voters.
  • We are polling near 40% with military voters.
  • Thousands of enthusiastic supporters are showing up to every event.
  • We are getting more endorsements every day.

Remember, they expect more people to watch the first presidential debate than the Super Bowl. Although we are very close to getting in, we need to continue capturing the media's attention to get us to the top. 

And the media listens to donation figures. 

Will you join the 100,000+ people who have contributed to our success so far?

Remember, they expect more people to watch the first presidential debate than the Super Bowl. Although we are very close to getting in, we need to continue capturing the media's attention to get us to the top. 

And the media listens to donation figures. 

Will you join the 100,000+ people who have contributed to our success so far?

Also, an easy way to help is by forwarding this email or writing a personal note to a few family members and friends. Let them know that we can change the debate in a positive direction.

Thank you for your generous support.

Keep climbing,

Gov. Gary E. Johnson

Copyright © 2016 Gary Johnson 2016, All rights reserved.
You signed up on! 

Lancaster County Sign Wave every Saturday 10 AM to 2 PM


Sign Waves in September

For the last few months every Saturday, members of the Lancaster Libertarian Party have been tirelessly campaigning with signs to increase awareness of Gary Johnson, a strong third candidate for President of the United States. We would like to thank all the volunteers such as Bradley Croto, Regina Croto, Matthew Flick, Shawn House, Roy Minest, Walter Redcay, Aireal Rice and Don Noll, all who have been participating to raise awareness for the Libertarian Party by hosting Sign Waves in Lancaster, PA. We have been posted at Liberty Island by Park City Mall and Freedom Island by the Barnes and Noble store at Red Rose Commons, handing out leaflets and bumper stickers detailing the principles of the Libertarian Party, information for candidate Shawn House 2 Congress as well as information about the presidential candidate, Gary Johnson. During each Sign Wave, drivers have been demanding information, and we have given out over one thousand pieces of literature and hundreds of bumper stickers per event. Follow our sign wave events on Facebook. Thank you Jerry Geleff in the photo for coming out to help from Libertarian Party of Berks County.

By: Matt Flick

Join the LPPA Online NOW CLICK HERE Regular memberships: $15/year

The Libertarian Party is the largest and best alternative for people who want to promote citizen liberty and limited government in Pennsylvania and the United States. Founded in 1971, the Libertarian Party is the third largest political party in the United States. The LP supports fiscal conservatism and positions on social issues promoting citizen liberty. More than 200,000 people across the country are registered Libertarians, and Libertarians serve in hundreds of elected offices.

SupportOurEfforts sm

Meet your statewide candidates

N. A. Poe Attorney General
James Babb Treasurer
Roy Minet Auditor General
Edward Clifford US Senate
Shawn Patrick House House 2 Congress
Fred Fogel State Senate, District 2
Daniel Richardson State House, District 138
Ebert G. Beeman Representative in Congress   DISTRICT: 3
Steve Scheetz Representative in Congress   DISTRICT: 8
Representative in Congress   DISTRICT: 11
Paul Rizzo Representative in Congress DISTRICT:15
Shawn Patrick House Representative in Congress   DISTRICT: 16
Matt Schutter Representative in Congress DISTRICT:122
Representative in Congress DISTRICT:129
Raymond Agnew Representative in Congress DISTRICT: 141
Stephen Albert Representative in Congress DISTRICT: 155
Luke Nicholson Representative in the General Assembly
Betsy Summers Representative in General Assembly
Nathan LaFrance
James Foster 2nd Congressional District

Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania
3915 Union Deposit Road, Box #223
Harrisburg, PA 17109 Phone 1-800 R-Rights or 1-800-774-4487

LPPA Officers

Shawn Patrick House - State Chair
William Sloan – Western Vice Chair
Daniel Richardson – Eastern Vice Chair
Richard Schwartz - Treasurer
Karla Felty - Secretary
Roy Minet - Petition Coordinator 

LPPA Media Committee

Regina Croto – Chair Media Team & LPPA Newsletter
Alex Graham - Media Team
Conner Drigotas - Media Team
Matthew Schutter - Youth Outreach
Trent Somes - Youth Caucus

LPPA County facebook pages can be found by searching libertarian and then your county. We are trying to get all the counties listed on the website so please search facebook in the meanwhile. If no one is running the meetings on the pages or you can not find a page you can ask This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for help or you are always welcome to run a meeting just contact Regina Croto at the email and she will help direct you to existing groups or in setting up a group in PA. There are some smaller groups in cities as well so if you try to type the city it may also have your area listed. 

Berks County

Bucks County Libertarians 

Carbon County Libertarians

Chester County

Delaware County Libertarian Committee

Lancaster County needs a Group currently the Weekly Ephrata Libertarian Connect is running Lancaster Monthly meetings until someone take over

Lebanon County Libertarians

Northampton Libertarian Party