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  1. Everywhere you look, socialism is in crisis. Not just in Venezuela, North Korea, and Cuba, but also right here in the United States. Just consider three of America’s core socialist programs: Social Security, healthcare, and public schooling. They are all in crisis. They are always in crisis.

    Among the best examples of crisis in American socialism is in the area of immigration. The immigration crisis has gone on for at least 50 years. It has brought more than just chaos Continue Reading

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  2. Last Friday, President Trump issued a decree-law that prohibits Americans from traveling to North Korea. His justification for infringing on one of the most fundamental rights of man — freedom of travel — is two-fold: to watch over and take care of Americans by refusing to permit them to travel to a brutal communist regime that might do bad things to them and to punish North Korea by depriving the country of tourist revenue.

    It’s not difficult to see the Continue Reading

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  3. American statists are convinced that the modern-day United States is immune from an economic catastrophe arising from its welfare-state, regulated-economy way of life. They say that out-of-control federal spending and debt is nothing to be concerned about. There is no need to slash welfare-state spending or warfare-state spending, they assert, because America is an exceptional country, one that isn’t subject to the natural laws of economics, like other countries are.

    Statists hold that the deep economic crises in places like Continue Reading

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  4. Liberals/Progressives have a fascinatingly warped and perverted view of democracy and freedom.  They believe that what people do with their own money should be subject to majority vote. If people are free to choose what to do with their own money, these statists say, that would constitute a severe threat to democracy.

    Have you ever heard anything so ridiculous in your entire life?

    In fact, not only is such a view warped and perverted, it’s also highly hypocritical. Let’s examine Continue Reading

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  5. As most everyone knows, federal spending and federal debt are out of control. The feds continue to spend far more than they take in with federal taxes. The excess of federal spending over federal taxes is called the deficit. The deficit this year is estimated to be $702 billion. That amount will be borrowed and added to the existing $20 trillion in federal debt. The national debt comes to $166,000 per taxpayer.

    There is no end in sight. The federal Continue Reading

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