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  1. I must confess that liberals and the liberal press are amusing me to no end over their heated and exuberant reaction to the Trump-Russia meddling “scandal.” I find the whole controversy to be absolutely hilarious.

    A question that stands out in all this: What’s wrong with an American politician “colluding” with a Russian politician to win an American election?

    “Treason!” the liberals and the liberal press cry. But doesn’t treason entail giving aid and comfort to the enemy? How can Continue Reading

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  2. By this time it has become painfully obvious that Donald Trump is going to follow the interventionist road in the Middle East that Republicans and Democrats have been following ever since the Cold War ended in 1989. Like any good conservative, Trump is expanding the size of the military establishment, unleashing the Pentagon to wage its war on ISIS and terrorism, and continuing the bombing, shooting, and assassinations by the military and the CIA in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, and other Continue Reading

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  3. Ludwig von Mises explained how government interventionism into economic activity ultimately leads to omnipotent government. It’s because the first intervention inevitably creates problems or crises. Rather than repeal the original intervention, which would constitute an acknowledgement that the intervention had failed, government planners double down by introducing a new intervention to fix the problems or crises of the original intervention. But then this new intervention creates new problems or new crises, which then lead to another intervention. Gradually, through this Continue Reading

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  4. Whenever American citizens travel to another country, they are subjected to intrusive searches at the hands of U.S. officials upon returning to the United States.

    Why? What’s the justification?

    Since Americans living today have all been born and raised under this type of system, hardly anyone questions it. It’s just accepted, passively and submissively, as part of living in a “free” society.

    Yet, when the government wields the authority to conduct a complete search of people without any suspicion of Continue Reading

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  5. According to an article at NBCNews.com, when 23-year-old American filmmaker Akram Shibly and his girlfriend Kelly McCormick recently returned from a trip to Toronto, U.S. border officials took possession of their cell phones and demanded that they disclose their passwords so that the officials could peruse, study, search through, or copy the contents of the phones.  They complied.

    A few days later, they were returning from another trip to Canada, where they were, once again, ordered to hand over Continue Reading

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