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  1. Ever since the conversion of the U.S. government to a national security state after World War II, the coin of the realm has been crisis and fear. Seize on crises — and sometimes even instigate them — and then when fear strikes the hearts and minds of the citizenry, that’s when it’s time for the national security establishment, specifically the military, the CIA, and the NSA, to seize more power and more money, in the name, of course, of Continue Reading

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  2. A free-speech controversy at Berkeley University provides us with an opportunity to explore differences between statism and libertarianism. The controversy revolves around right-wing commentator Ann Coulter, who has been invited to speak at Berkeley by a campus chapter of the old conservative student group Young Americans for Freedom.

    Berkeley, as most people know, has long been a bastion of liberalism/progressivism/leftism. The campus has always prided itself on its purported commitment to “free speech,” claiming that in the Continue Reading

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  3. The decision by President Trump and Attorney General Sessions to ramp up the decades-old war on drugs definitely throws down the gauntlet for those who have long advocated an end to this failed, deadly, destructive, corrupt, and immoral war.

    I have seen this federal program first hand since I was a teenager back in the 1960s. My father, an attorney, was the U.S. magistrate in my hometown of Laredo, which is located on the U.S.-Mexico border. People caught Continue Reading

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  4. If you want to see why our nation’s Founding Fathers opposed a national-security state, including a standing army, just take a look at what is happening in Venezuela.

    Venezuelan President Vicente Maduro is now the supreme dictator of the country and behaving like one. He has crammed the judiciary with his cronies who, in turn, have shut down the legislature. The media controlled by the government and no one is permitted to criticize Maduro. He has also been shutting down Continue Reading

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  5. The year 1989 brought an unexpected shock to the U.S. national-security establishment. The Soviet Union suddenly and unexpectedly tore down the Berlin Wall, withdrew Soviet troops from East Germany and Eastern Europe, dissolved the Warsaw Pact, dismantled the Soviet Empire, and unilaterally brought an end to the Cold War.

    The Pentagon, the CIA, and the NSA never expected such a thing to happen. The Cold War was supposed to go on forever. The communists were supposedly hell-bent on worldwide conquest, Continue Reading

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