1. Iraq repatriated the bodies of Iranian military personnel who were killed during the 1980s.
  2. By now, comparing someone to the underwear gnomes of South Park fame is trite. Were it not for Donald Trump, I wouldn’t go near it. But I cannot resist because it’s a salient feature of his way of “thinking” – although posing would be the better word here. Behold: “If Israeli and the Palestinians can … Continue reading "Trump’s Mideast Mission Impossible"
  3. While he was a guest on Fox News’ Fox and Friends, Department of Homeland Security Chief John Kelly described the current safety of US citizens: "if [you] knew what I knew about terrorism, [you’d] never leave the house in the morning." Anywhere, any time, a terrorist attack can happen, according to Kelly. His very job … Continue reading "Corbyn and Kelly: Two Very Different Responses to Terrorism"
  4. Witnesses say that a Coalition strike killed civilians in Mosul, not ISIS explosives.
  5. You won’t read about this in what passes for the “mainstream” media, but newly declassified documents reveal that the Obama administration was violating its own rules and spying on Americans with such frequency that even the normally compliant FISA court scolded them: “The National Security Agency under former President Barack Obama routinely violated American privacy … Continue reading "Deep Six the Deep State"