The nominating papers for the Libertarian Candidate for Congress, Steve Scheetz in the 1st district have been challenged in commonwealth court by Lawrence Tabas.

“Tabas is a Republican hired gun.” Stated LPPA Secretary Steven Brenize “His clients include the President and Vice President of United States. He served as Lead Counsel to President-Elect Trump and Vice President-Elect Pence in connection with pre- and post election litigation matters in 2016 and numerous recount proceedings filed in Pennsylvania following the November 2016 Election. His purpose in filing the challenge has nothing to do with Mr. Scheetz’s nominating papers. The purpose of the challenge is to assert Republican dominance over already stacked ballot access laws against 3rd parties and independents.”

There has not been an independent or 3rd party on the ballot for congress in Bucks County since 2004. The Scheetz candidacy represents an opportunity for voters to have an alternative to the destructive rhetoric that is plaguing Washington. “A large percentage of Americans are not being represented by government because of these underhanded tactics. Everyone deserves the right to be represented in the electoral process. Many of the problems that we are facing today are due to those in power silencing anyone who adheres to a differing philosophy. Let us gain the ballot and debate.” Said Jennifer Moore, Eastern Vice-Chair of the LPPA “If the opposition really does have the best message they shouldn't need to worry about Libertarians gaining the ballot. The voters deserve to make their own choices on the candidates and issues.”

Scheetz, a military veteran, resides in Langhorne. He is running on a platform that stems from the Libertarian Non-Aggression Principle which states: “I refuse to initiate the use of force or fraud to achieve my goals.” “Everyone will know how I will vote on an issue and will know exactly where my position is, because it will start and finish with this principle, and it will end with the thought: “People are in a better position to run their lives than the government. They should be able to run their lives their way provided they are not interfering with other people living their lives their way.” said Scheetz, “Simply put, do not harm others and do not take their stuff!”

“Typical bullying. The GOP constantly challenges Libertarian Candidates. Our candidates and volunteers work very hard and in good faith to get 2-5 times the signatures that the D's and R's need for ballot access.” Added Drew Bingaman Chair of the LPPA in response to the Tabas challenge. “It is time to end this ridiculous system of having to gather thousands of signatures in order to achieve ballot access. The Libertarian Party is a legitimate and qualified political party in the Commonwealth of PA and across the nation.”

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