Redistricting reform is a hot topic in Pennsylvania right now. The League of Woman’s Voters of Pennsylvania filed lawsuit in June that the gerrymandering was so blatantly partisan that jeopardizes our Democracy. The Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania could not agree more. On Saturday November 18th we put the issue to a vote at our quarterly meeting. The motion was submitted that the LPPA should endorse the League of Woman’s Voters in their lawsuit. The motion was passed and we are currently reaching out to the LWVPA.

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Some may be asking why the Libertarian party has an interest. Our interest is simple; redistricting reform will give minor parties an equal chance to earn your vote. Gerrymandering is legal voter fraud. Gerrymandering is designed to allow legislators to pick their voters rather than voters picking their legislators and as long as legislators can disguise their intent, it is legal. If the vote gets too close the party in power will redraw the lines based off of the data from the last election. The major parties keep track of how many votes came from what Counties, Townships, Burroughs, zip codes and neighborhoods and they legally use is when it’s time for redistricting.

The original intent of redistricting is to protect voter representation. People move, populations grow and decline. Redistricting is required to make sure we are equally represented based on our population. The current process of redistricting is a behind the scenes closed door system. That does not support the Libertarian principle of protecting individual liberty.

The Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania supports the “Fair Districts PA” movement. There are a handful of bills that were submitted this year for redistricting by liberty minded Representatives and Senators. Fair Districts promotes SB22 and HB 722 respectively. We support these Bills because they require redistricting be open and transparent. Most importantly these Bills require that 3 of the 11 members on the commission be completely independent of the 2 majority parties. Those 3 (immediate family and/or spouse) cannot have been elected to any office, have been a staff member, consultant, lobbyist, have even been nominated for an office or have been registered of 2 majority parties for the last 5 years. On an 11 member commission the two majority parties each have equal seats at the table. If partisanship prevails, we will have a truly independent element to protect us.

These Bills safeguard our Liberty and protect Pennsylvanian’s voting rights. Contact your Representatives in support of Fair Districts PA and the LWVPA lawsuit. If you have questions about the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania, contact your Libertarian State or County Committee.