On December 5th the voters of the 133rd district have a unique opportunity to send a message to Harrisburg. While Republicans and Democrats in the legislature continue to play games with the budget, choosing special interests on both sides of aisle, district residents can choose an independent citizen who answers to them and them alone. Bethlehem resident, Samantha X. Dorney, will appear on the Special Election ballot as an alternative to the lobbyist controlled candidates of the status quo.

Samantha X. Dorney is a middle-class working mother, teacher, coach, official, environmentalist, hunter, and animal lover among other things.  She understands the needs and concerns of her constituents and the importance of working with community stakeholders.  As a teacher in a Title 1 school as well as a graduate level art therapy student, Dorney has extensive experience working with diverse populations including a large faction of minority, special education, and low socioeconomic status families.  Through her work, Dorney has participated in fiscally responsible budget preparation, equitable discipline, logistical planning, faculty evaluation, data-driven decision making, community building initiatives, and school improvement that have contributed to gains in student achievement, attendance, and behavior statistics.  Dorney has spent countless hours volunteering most notably rescuing slaughter-bound horses and with USA Hockey where she spearheaded mentoring programs, collaborated with international colleagues, provided training, development, and evaluation of fellow officials, and maintained a judicial demeanor that models sportsmanship and ethical treatment of others.

As the Libertarian nominee for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives 133rd District Special Election, Samantha X. Dorney will embody the libertarian philosophy of, “Live and let live.”  "I will tirelessly work to ensure my constituents in Lehigh County and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are restored their right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness." stated Dorney in launching her campaign. "My first term will be epitomized by championing the Constitution and expanding personal liberties while advocating nonpartisan unity in both the legislature and the community." she added, "We must afford our fellow man the opportunity to live and love as they please without government infringement on the inalienable rights our forefathers built this nation upon."


"Samantha Dorney is a teacher, and her perspective and input will be invaluable to the General Assembly as the debate on education funding and regulation is a top issue facing the Commonwealth" said Drew Bingaman Chair of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania of the Party’s support for Dorney, "Many Libertarians come to the party and philosophy through direct experience within a corrupt system: Veterans, members of law enforcement, prison guards, and of course teachers. They see firsthand waste, fraud and abuse of tax dollars and of the citizens and their children." "Samantha's experience in education has given her a unique perspective on what we need to fix education in Pennsylvania" added Conner Drigotas Chair of the Lehigh County Libertarian party, "The Lehigh valley needs a leader like Samantha who will stand up and demand that we get rid of the property tax and keep money in the people’s pockets."

For more information on Dorney or to schedule an Interview contact:

Samantha X. Dorney

(484) 515-2302