Newsletter of the LPPA October 2016


From the Chair:

This historic 2016 National election is less than 40 days away. Now is the time to start thinking of volunteering for a local polling place that has one of our Congressional Candidates in all Pennsylvania's Districts or working within one of the Pennsylvania House Seats – our Candidates and information is listed on the front of October is the time to keep the momentum going, the heat from summer is over, we are falling quickly into Winter – yes Winter is coming. If you haven’t donated to a Pennsylvania Campaign I certainly want to encourage you, signs, advertising, expenses are what keep the volunteers going who are seeking public office on the Libertarian Ticket.

Our Presidential Nominee Gov. Gary Johnson has been excluded from the first Presidential debates – We are encourage a twitter response of #letgarydebate and #boycottdebatesponsors – it’s not too late for the 2nd & 3rd debate to mount pressure on the Establishment. The networking continues, new members are joining weekly. If you have a talent – bookkeeping, accounting, FEC compliance, networking, graphics, human resources I want to hear from you. Contact your local county chairperson or start a group within your zip code to get the ball rolling. November 8, 2016 participate, engage, strengthen the Libertarian Party & the libertarian movement in Pennsylvania.

Sometime in November I would like to travel the commonwealth & have a few potluck – Thanksgiving gatherings of Libertarians, activist, petitioners to thank you in person for your efforts & hear feedback as we gear up for the 2017 local elections. Think about where we could meet in SouthEastern PA, North Eastern, South Central, North Central, North West & South Western Pennsylvania.

In Liberty with law;

Shawn Patrick House – email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – Candidate 

House2Congress2016 October


Our parade outreach was productive, the last parade is October 27th in Colombia. The weekly campaign sign waves & literature disbursements have been positive since we started in July. 

October 5th I watch my opponents at a WGAL Rotary club meeting. 

October 10th I participate in the Chamber of Commerce, Lancaster Newspaper debates to be televised on PCNTv. Recently PCNTv released my personal interview.

If you can donate contributions We have 334 polling locations and we need to cover 100 of the major polls.

Can you help?

Shawns work number 1-800-873-4367717-252-6288, email Checks payable to "House2Congress2016" POBox 7832, Lancaster, PA 17604, thanks.


September City Parades

Quarryville Parade

Quarryville Parade

Quarryville was the first parade to start off our month long parades. On September 14th we had started out with a plan and even though things happened before everyone was assembled the end result was pretty invigorating.

As we drove the van pulling the Libertarian float along the parade route it was so elevating to hear kids around 10 years old pointing to Patrick the Porcupine and calling out the name “Gary Johnson.” From all sides you can see thick rows of people as we rounded corners and intertwined the narrow streets. It was pretty dark but people were close enough to know that Uncle Sam (Michael Heise) was with us while he handed out literature among the people seated or standing at different intervals along our route.

Written by: Regina Croto


Quarryville Parade 2

Shawn Patrick House Chairman of the Board for the Libertarian Party of PA was in full swing just passing out literature and letting people know he is running as a local candidate. One of Shawn's favorite slogans is “If you're tired of the choices between Coke and Pepsi” you have other options to vote and that Libertarian. Roy Minet running for Auditor General was going like a teenager at full speed passing out literature and full of energy when he opened the doors for a restock of literature. We would like to thank Natalie House for staying on top of restocking the literature for the guys to pass out she was on-task and happy to be helping. At 10 years old she is so involved with the Libertarian Campaign participating in sign waves and attending some of the meetings.

The night ended on a final note that we can get things done with a few people because we ran out of literature right before the end of the line.

Written by: Regina Croto


Ephrata Parade

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On September 21st the Ephrata Parade was more exciting as people were in stadium rows along the lawns of the houses. The people were screaming out “Let Gary Debate.” Along the winding roads we had stops at corners and people wanted to get pictures with our Trump in a straight jacket (Andy Rios) and our Hillary in a black and white stripped prison uniform (Bradley Croto). While Uncle Sam (Don Noll a.k.a. Patrick Porcupine) was attending to others in the crowds. Once again Shawn Patrick House Chair of the Libertarian Party of PA running for 16th Congressional District and Roy Minet running for Auditor General passed out literature. This time Natalie House was dressed as our Lady Liberty passing out literature and walking along with the rest of the team. Thank you to Sean Brown and Caroline Brown for joining in and passing out literature to the crowd.

Written by: Regina Croto

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The lights were installed and pointing to the Porcupine that towered on top of the float and the banners on the sides to allow people to read along the road sides. When we were getting to the end the judges were seated at long tables up on a platformed parking lot. Camera men from channel 11 news were video taping the float as it passed and the announcer called out our float “House 2 Congress” of the Libertarian Party.

Overall this was the best night yet for it being our second parade so far.

Written by: Regina Croto


 The Great Debate III: Libertarianism

shawn and roy tellius 360

James Senft, Roy Minet and Shawn Patrick House at Tellus 360 Debate

Watch the debate here The Great Debate III: Libertarianism

 Can Libertarian policies provide for the possibility of a social safety net? That was the proposition debated on Sept. 13 at Tellus 360 in Lancaster by three local Libertarians.

Representing the Libertarian point of view were Roy Minet, candidate for Auditor General; Shawn Patrick House, candidate for the 16th Congressional District; and Jim Senft, a Libertarian  Party member. Their opponents included a Lancaster County Assistant District Attorney and they were judged by a panel that included two Millersville University professors and a Republican running for state senate. Though the Libertarians put up a great argument and presented a lot of evidence for the inefficiency of government safety nets versus private charity, the judges said they had a difficult decision in giving a narrow victory to the opposition.

Still, this was an opportunity to reach many people with a positive message of Libertarianism, and the question and answer portion of the evening proved that many in the audience were in strong support of the Libertarian ideals of Liberty and the Non-Aggression Principle. A video of the debate is posted to YouTube and can be accessed through Shawn's website,

Written by: James Senft

    ** On a side note please watch Natalie House a 10 years old stand up and questioned a very good point to the Lancaster County Assistant District Attorney. Written by: Regina Croto


Lancaster County Libertarian Sign Waves Saturday's

sandwich boardsSign Waves have been the focal point of getting literature out to people over the last few months. Interchanging between the Mall and the Barnes and Nobles at Fruitville Pike in Lancater County. We have given out thousands of pieces of literature for our local candidate Shawn Patrick House who is running for a the 16th district and is the Chair of the Libertarian Party of PA. With a variety of Gary Johnson literature we have been able to get information out to so many people even passerbys coming through from other states weekly. Our sandwich boards hold words that help address our cause while the huge Gary Johnson banners reach those waiting at the cross intersections.

Written by: Regina Croto





sign waveEvery week we have new volunteers joining the team.
Thank you to all the volunteers who come out and help. Written by: Regina Croto
Pictured are Sean Brown and Caroline Brown


Latin American Festival 2016

On Saturday September 24th, we set up a table and had the Porcupine assembled big as day behind our seats. People came up and took the worlds smallest quiz, yard signs and literature. It was a lot of fun as Caroline Brown addressed so many people on what was most important about our cause handing each one a quarter of a sheet with information on who to contact to let Gary Johnson in the debates, The reception from people was a great turnout.

Written by: Regina Croto

Excerpt from The Reading Eagle

A special thanks to Jerry Geleff from Berks County Libertarian Party for speaking to the Reading Eagle

Rebuilding the parties

In Berks, 1,764 voters are registered Libertarian and 529 voters are registered Green. That's compared to the 116,501 Democrats, 97,119 Republicans and 23,183 independents. But local minor parties are hoping that they can boost their numbers this year.

Johnson has urged the Libertarian Party to get more organized on the state and local levels, Geleff said. The Berks chapter had been dormant for years but is now reformed and holding regular meetings, he said.Local Greens are taking a different approach. Rather than reorganizing on the local level, they're putting their efforts into the Stein campaign."We're just going to focus on her campaign, and hopefully from that get volunteers who are interested in rebuilding the party next year and beyond," Kurzweg said.He said local Greens are taking opportunities to be visible and speak with voters about third parties. He's planning to speak to a class at Kutztown University this month.Social media has been a game-changer in enabling third parties to get their messages out and be noticed, Geleff said. But person-to-person discussions also help.He recently spotted a Johnson campaign sign in a shop window and went in to talk to the owner about getting involved with the party. Another time, he was walking in his neighborhood and stopped to chat with someone who complimented his Johnson T-shirt."All we can do is keep hammering away and let people know we're here," Geleff said. "I would love to see six, seven, eight or 27 viable candidates for office. It would mean so much for democracy."Contact Liam Migdail-Smith: 610-371-5022 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Read the entire article at the link below.


Delaware County Libertarian Party

Rich Dubghall Matt Wallace Treasurer Dave Jahn Chairman

Rich Dubghall,
Matt Wallace Treasurer,
Dave Jahn Chairman 












Political QuizOur 9/11 Memorial Event where we set up a table at Valley Forge State Park. We conducted a political quiz with those passing through, promoted the statewide slate and the party message. In September we recruited many new members, conducted phone banking, and completed many literature drops. Our monthly meetings continue strong with about 20 people on average. We'll continue the momentum moving into October.

Additionally, we have 3 events to promote in October for Delaware County. Those interested can email Dale Kerns- Delaware County Vice Chairman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


 Rich Dubghall Tiffany Campbell Dave Jahn Chairman  

Rich Dubghall,
Tiffany Campbell,
Dave Jahn Chairman

  • Monthly Meeting (every 3rd WednesdayOctober 19th at 7pm Riddle Ale House Media Pa
  • Poll Watcher Workshop October 22nd 11am to 1pm in Ridley Park Pa (all welcome to attend no matter their geographical location or party affiliation)
  • Fundraising and Event Committee meeting October 25th 6pm in Ridley Township Pa at Lions Head Bar and Grille.


Giovanni CroppedBucks County PA, Richlandtown Borough Councilman Giovanni Martello was featured in last months newsletter.
This is a story of something he's encountered in his short time holding a council seat and which was featured in the Bucks County Herald newspaper in late September. Richlandtown Borough is a small community of around 1300 people in the heart of Northern Bucks County. The Borough had been receiving complaints from residents that their calls to State Police for non violent offenses such as noise complaints or drug activity were being filed but not dispatched on. There has also been an issue of speeding down the main street of this quiet town which has a posted 25 mph speed limit, yet you can often hear engines full throttle all times of the day and night. This lead to the Mayor and Council holding Town Hall meetings with the residents to get opinions on how to proceed. 
Before the meetings were held, we were able to acquire a quote of service from Richland Twp Police which actually surrounds Richlandtown Borough entirely, yet is not within it's current jurisdiction. From a geographical standpoint nothing makes more sense than to bring in Richlandtown Borough into the territory of nearby Richland Twp Police patrolling area. The sticking point is the increase in municipal tax required to do such a thing. The borough currently taxes at a rate of 5 mills (1 dollar per $1000 in taxable income) and would require a jump to around 16 mills in order to fund the contract for the new police force. This money would come straight out of the Homeowners pockets which makes it such an important issue. The State Police currently police the area at no cost to the Borough directly.
People were concerned that there were not enough residents showing up to the meetings which have been held August 25th, September 13th, and upcoming October 8th is the final meeting before Council will need to make a decision on how they move forward. You can see in the Bucks County Herald article that Giovanni is quoted saying "I will go door to door if I have to. I am not going to let 20 people make this decision" said Giovanni Martello, borough councilman.
Democracy must be allowed to take place, and as a Libertarian, raising taxes is not what Giovanni wants to without a truly valid necessity. Giovanni is also a homeowner in the town and is under the impression that the State Police, while possibly a bit over-constrained, do not do a poor job of policing our area. Certainly not poor enough to warrant hundreds of dollars a year per resident and possibly endless tax increases as time goes on and inflation sets in. The real question is, though, is how do the residents feel and do a majority think the price is worth the return of a closer and possibly more involved police force.
So long story short, Giovanni believes that his council should be supportive of the community and not oppressive. He has created a Survey of around 8 questions that will gather data and opinions from over 460 residents over the next few weeks so that Council will have a good amount of information to make the decision. This was an idea completely thought up and enacted by Giovanni who will be pounding the street. He is hoping people will remember his face at re-election time next year as well as someone who cared enough to knock on every door to get the opinion of every household in his community. Libertarian does not mean crazy. It means a balanced individual who cares about the way Government affects the lives of every citizen. Giovanni is working to instill that fact in his surrounding community through volunteering and thoughtful decision making. 

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James Babb Treasurer
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