Newsletter of the LPPA August 2016


August from the Chair. Shawn Patrick House

Hello friends, members and new activist. The dog days of summer are upon us, vacations, family & keeping cool. We have approximately 100 days until V-Day on November 8, 2016. Thanks to the volunteers, and paid petitioners for rising to the challenge and gathering signatures so Citizens in the Commonwealth will have more than R's & D's to vote for this critical election year. At a Lancaster County Gary Johnson, House2Congress2016 signwave, Judge Stengel who lowered our required 21k signatures to 5k stopped by and took our literature, he was very cordial. Your individual efforts, your social networks are making a difference. We have til the end of August to get our Presidential nominee, presently polling at 13% to 15% plus. The debates are critical to show America they have a sane choice for President this year. One of the most powerful ways is a letter to the editor, a sign in your yard, wearing campaign shirts. All are great conversation starters as we work towards the political paradigm shift.

Please remember everyone is a volunteer. The website has resources for forming LP organizations and soon we will be setting up editors & publishers to generate libertarian content. Don't hesitate to contact our leadership if you have talents, constructive input that will help grow the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania. After November 8th I'm interested in having a few Thanksgiving potlucks with groups throughout Pennsylvania to express my thanks. 2017 will be our local elections and we will need to reevaluate how we effectively win more elections. In liberty with Justice, Shawn Patrick House,

RNC / DNC Convention

Before anything else, I want to make a comment about the members of the Pennsylvania Delegation to the LP convention in Orlando. Some of them, I have known for years, but many of them I only met for the first time in the flesh at the convention itself, and while we disagreed on some issues, the delegation, over all, was 100% Libertarian, and I would be proud to work with each and every one of them! To this end, shortly after returning from Florida, I started working on organizing a Libertarian presence at both the RNC and the DNC convention. Working on this project with me, (and one who came up with most of the really cool ideas!) was one of those members of the Pennsylvania Delegation! Alexandra Coe, of Sarasota, Florida is wonderful to work with, and even with all of the work leading up to the convention, it did not seem like work.


I arrived in Cleveland on Wednesday afternoon, and the convention was in full swing! We heard Mr. Trump spouting off about winning wars (without ever suggesting that he had any understanding as to the cost to the people on the battlefield.) We read or listened to narratives about speech writing, (without suggesting any understanding that speech writers are a small group within the DC beltway) So after Picking Alexandra up at the airport, we talked about what we would find on the ground, but neither of us really expected what we found. If we expected protests, there were none, or at least there were no protests that were organized and bent on violence. This could have been caused by all of the storm troopers that were present throughout downtown Cleveland, or it could have been caused by the fact that Cleveland despite the appearance of disorganization, managed to corral all of the protests so as to render them near meaningless. There were thousands of people wandering around, peacefully chatting about politics, there were people with signs, there were people discussing philosophy… (well, I was, anyway) There was an event at a bar downtown where Gary Johnson was to be in attendance, however, unfortunately, or fortunately depending on perspective, we missed Gary by about 10 minutes. Instead, we hung out with some PA Libertarians like Glenn Tuttle and Alex Graham, there were Ohio Libertarians like Anthony Dlugos and Brandon Michael, both of whom were responsible for the venue at the Winking Lizard! (I recommend the “Lake Erie Monster” from Great Lakes Brewing Company) We even had a presence from Houston, TX in the form of Christine Guerrero, who, I might add, joined us in Philadelphia! 

Steve ScheetzOn Thursday, Alex Coe and I focused on outreach. She, personally, gathered 70 signatures to get Gary Johnson on the ballot, in the streets of Cleveland, during the RNC convention! I spoke with delegates, including delegates whose votes were changed by the establishment who stated, clearly: “You will vote how we tell you to vote, whether you write it in or we do.” There were interviews, Gary Johnson was up and down the street where all of the press was, (as were we) and we had fun! I know some people might have a different definition of fun, but to me? Persuading people to alternative viewpoint is very satisfying, especially when I can literally see it in their eyes when the concept hits home and their mind is changed! Thanks to everyone who helped make our efforts a success in Cleveland!

In Philadelphia, everything was spread out. I was only available to be there during the day, but what started out as a single fence between us and the delegates on Monday, morphed into two fences with 50 feet of no man’s land between the two fences on Tuesday, (apparently dozens of Bernie supporters were arrested on Monday evening, or at least that was what I was told was the reason) and then 100 YARDS after the third fence was erected, no reason was given for this one. That was the entrance to the convention. MSNBC and many of the other press outlets were hanging out near Independence Hall, and center city. There were vocal protests from Bernie supporters all over Philadelphia, and our own NA Poe was marching with a 51 foot joint to bring awareness to the Drug War and other prohibition issues.

One member of our group, a pregnant woman from Illinois, had no problem going up to the Green Party representatives and asking them why they thought it was a good idea to liter the park with all of their trash! But hey, should we expect less from a Libertarian Woman? Kimberly whose last name was never known to me, totally ROCKS! This convention atmosphere was completely different from the RNC convention. Philly was much less organized, and while we gave more interviews to the press who were just everywhere, and we're constantly looking for people to interview, outreach was more difficult just from the geographical / logistical points. However, I DID manage to persuade some left leaning people over to the Libertarian side of things! Mostly, they were terrified about how we get there from here, and once I started explaining about introducing competition to the mix while eliminating government protection and subsidies of the giant corporations, the giant corporations would not be able to survive. They were afraid of the idea that corporations would not be held accountable for their transgressions if there were no regulations, so I gently pointed out that we have regulations, written by corporate lobbyists, and that currently, corporations are not held accountable. The Libertarian solution of protecting private property is a good one, and once we eliminate the protective embrace of the government, giant corporations will fail! (I won some hearts and freed some minds!) I am also going to be on Egyptian TV, though I would not know the first place to look for that…..

Joseph Vasoli, Robert Clarke, and Jeff Mitchell are volunteers with the Gary Johnson Campaign, and I was proud to be there with them and proud to be working with them! Many others were repeat offenders in that they were there all four days of the convention with me, Alex Graham came in from Pittsburgh along with Christine Guerrero who again, came up from Houston TX! I will say that it was a great time! The Bernie supporters are pissed, and they were all very receptive to voting third party. We, Libertarians, need to capitalize on this and keep spreading Libertarianism wherever we go!

By: Steve Scheetz

Polls is doing a comparison of the three candidates whereas Johnson is surpassing Trump and Clinton by its user ratings. For example, while Johnson supports and wants to expand free trade, neither Clinton or Trump want to do the same.

The popular website has been tracking the 2016 presidential election and now show Johnson at 12 percent, Trump at 27 percent and Clinton at 16 percent. These are the results with over 5.6 million people having taken the test. The graph showing respondent’s results is interesting as Johnson’s popularity is on a dramatic upswing since his nomination is late May, Trump and Clinton have been flat. is a website people go t0 to see which candidate they most align with regarding their value system through answering a series of questions. After answering the series of questions and weighting them based on how important each is to you, the website finds which candidate is your best match.

 Source Palm Beach Free Press


Sign Waves in July

For the last three weeks every Saturday, members of the Lancaster Libertarian Party have been tirelessly campaigning with signs to increase awareness of Gary Johnson, a strong third candidate for President of the United States. We would like to thank all the volunteers such as Bradley Croto, Regina Croto, Matthew Flick, Shawn House, Roy Minest, Walter Redcay, Aireal Rice and Don Noll, all who have been participating to raise awareness for the Libertarian Party by hosting Sign Waves in Lancaster, PA. We have been posted at Liberty Island by Park City Mall and Freedom Island by the Barnes and Noble store at Red Rose Commons, handing out leaflets and bumper stickers detailing the principles of the Libertarian Party, information for candidate Shawn House 2 Congress as well as information about the presidential candidate, Gary Johnson. During each Sign Wave, drivers have been demanding information, and we have given out over one thousand pieces of literature and hundreds of bumper stickers per event.

By: Matt Flick

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