Updates: 2/26/17 board meeting was very productive I'll put that on the March message from the chair; but we will not have an official board meeting in Pittsburgh on 3/26 but I'll be there & it will be an opportunity to meet the Chair of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania and ask questions. Thanks. SPHouse

 Yes we do. February has been a contentious month - Our next board meeting is listed at the ABC Brew Pub in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on 2/26/17 comer early to eat at 1pm meeting starts 2pm to 5pm. I've also decided since I'll be working in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on  March 24 & 25th to have an information meeting on March 26th Sunday from 1-3pm to meet face to face with fellow libertarians and members of the Libertarian Party - in the age of technology we have still become more isolated - personally I like to see people in person to hear their voice, see their eyes. Yes I absolutely like site to stay connected through emails & sometimes on Facebook I don't have a twitter account and am not on top of all the latest gadgets - my flip phone finally went to a LG phone with a better keyboard so I am texting more to stay in touch.


It's really important if you are running County groups to make sure they are published - I'm learning the hard way as State Chair and am doing my best to make things transparent for our Party & members.Elections for Party officers will come up 4/2/17 - if you are planning on seeking one of the many positions please make others aware - I will seek one more term as Chair since I was voted in we went right straight into petition/ election mode and we didn't have the volunteers connected. This year I'm hoping to achieve that with our appointed webs group updating the template & connections through the www.lppa.org website - 

The Libertarian Party starts right at home in your own neighborhood - Live & Let Live - not with fraud or through force. We should focus on the Authoritarians & Collectivist vs eating our own - I hope during the month of February that we can find peace within  ourselves so that we can find peace with others.

From Martin Luther King, Jr. The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.

Thanks again for renewing your membership, being active in your local county, getting out to meet people and reminding those who believe in Liberty that We Stand With You.

In liberty with law & justice; Shawn Patrick House , Current State Chair 2/14/17 - Happy Valentine Days