How appropriate – into March and yes we march forward I believe more united while others might say – eh’ divided but we have common goals of liberty that bind us together.  After our Feb. 26th State Board meeting I can see that our State board is shaping up

  1. )I was informed that our current Secretary Karla Felty will be stepping down  and found out that Party activist Steve Brenize who is seeking the position stepped up last week and did an exceptional job keeping notes and Roberts Rules of Order.
  2. )Joe Soloski, CPA and Chair of the Centre County Libertarian Party is our new Finance Chair which can when needed assist our Treasurer.
  3. ) Roy Minet’s proposal (Six Important Opportunties To Improve The Quality of Government in Pennsylvania ) to  our Republican / Democratic counterparts was vetted & soundly confirmed by the board and those in attendance. I’ve been in contact with Senator Michael Folmer a friend of Liberty who chairs an important committee and we will meet with him very soon to present our State Party Resolutions before St. Patty’s Day. He is eager to meet with us.
  4. )Our State Party Convention team for 4/2 stepped up -  please register today Remember it's free for Sunday's business section. We have election of Party officers - we recognize & nominate our State Candidates and meet face to face vs keyboard to keyboard – I’m looking forward to meeting everyone on Sunday as I will be out of town at work and not able to participate in the Liberty Festival Friday & Saturday but I know it will be fun - Steve & Greg put on a great party and a lot of liberty advocates will be hooking up.....


You might notice the website has a new face lift & please remember this is an organic site in progress. Nothing had been done to the site for many years – a big shout out has to be given to long time Libertarian and activist Mike Nixson from York County for putting up with my persistence. Mike has put in countless volunteer hours setting up a structure that has a lot of potential to further network Libertarian Party members in the Commonwealth. Voters want to know what the Party is all about – Facebook is one avenue but our membership needs to access & populate the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania’s website – from your zip code to your county – region up to the State level. I'm looking forward to more folks like Bruce from Pittsburgh and others to step up and help with this task.

Yes I am seeking one more term as your State Chair if the membership will have me. I will be in Pittsburgh working on Friday & Saturday and plan on staying one more evening to meet with fellow Libertarians and activist from 1-3pm before I take my family home to rest.

It’s been 20 years in March that I first appeared in a local newspaper advocating for hemp / cannabis production in the Commonwealth, many times I thought it would happen sooner than later – this year Pennsylvania farmers will be planting Cannabis for medicine & hemp for industrial purposes. Those who are impatient with my leadership must understand all good things take time. I look forward to meeting you at the State Convention on April 2nd 2017.